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Have you ever invited friends over(furniture shops in sunderland) and felt in awe of the windows with nothing to make them look more attractive? A nice set of window treatments can be the perfect touch for any home.

Whether you have an unsuitable window to the room or are unsure about the style or colors, Our designers will help you choose the ideal curtain designs to match your style.

Let’s open the curtains on your windows. If you’re looking for window treatment suggestions for your house, We’ve got you covered without a pun. Find the most effective way to decorate your home right here!

What Kind of Window Treatments Go With My Room?

Curtains can be the difference between a room and the look of a room. It’s crucial to pick curtains with a design or color to complement the procedure when you are thinking of window treatments that you can use for the home.

Curtains can create a WOW factor without overpowering or distracting the surrounding. In essence, your decor curtains must appear as part of the room.

If you’re struggling to determine the best window treatments, consider the style of your space. Below are some standard room issues you could face within your home and ways to fix or improve the appearance of your home.

Rooms with bright sunlight Avoid light-colored curtains as they’ll fade quicker. Opt for darker-colored curtains with window sheers to block the harsh sunlight in the daytime.

Dark Rooms

If your space has darker walls or lacks natural light, You can bring an atmosphere of light using light and light solid or patterned fabrics. Also, think about blinds with blackouts.

Bold-Colored Walls

Why not be utterly fearless if you choose to be bold on one wall or all four walls? Select a curtain with the same color base as your color to give a monochromatic look. It’ll continue the bold style and add a touch of visual interest to your space.

Bright-Colored Walls

Select a heavy fabric that incorporates a little of the wall’s color in an eye-catching design. The thicker texture can give the space more weight, while the pattern will provide a splash of excitement.

White Walls

The white walls provide you with a blank canvas to create your curtains into the focal point of your room. Pick a geometric or a technicolor pattern to show off your style and create an exciting design for your sleek white space.

Small Windows Small Windows

To make smaller windows look more prominent, you can place the curtain rod, or any other hardware above your windows, so that the curtain falls just below the window’s height.

This draws the eye up, creating the illusion of more oversized windows. The curtain rod’s installation can help make narrow windows look more extensive. Voila!

Privacy or Separation

Want to create a separate room between the two? Consider a curtain that entirely or in part completely covers the entrance. You can choose to open up the space and close off the curtains if you require some separation and privacy.

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Interiors with lots of activity Pick a neutral shade! If you’ve got a lot of color and pattern happening in your room, choosing a neutral curtain shade can provide a relaxing space for your eyes without taking away from the style of your area.

 Bold colors can help in the room’s pop of color. If your space is neutral, you can choose one that is bold from the throw pillows, blankets, artwork, or other décor items, and then incorporate that color into your curtains to create a stunning spark of energy and color.

Blank Canvas

Does your room lack style elements? If you’re not an avid collector of artwork, decor, or other items of love, you can add a splash of style with curtains that extend from floor to ceiling that provides distinct glamour and style.


You shouldn’t be scared mixing patterns. Using window treatments in fabric for the wallpapered space doesn’t have to be complicated. You can replicate one color from the wallpaper with a solid window treatment.

It is also possible to make your room look more cohesive by combining patterns with the same color scheme as your walls but standing away from the surrounding space.

Make sure the furniture matches. Are you in love with that new piece of furniture? It is possible to keep the traditional design of your table to decorate your windows too.

You might be able to purchase fabrics from the yard directly from the company that makes them. Talk to your designer to determine whether we have the material you’re seeking.

Make use of nature as your guide. Bring character inside your home! There are times when you do not have to look any further beyond Mother Nature.

Check out your windows and note how the seasonal hues naturally blend. Recreate the same colors inside to create a soft, earthy feeling.

Are Curtains Going Out of Style?

Curtains are a must for any room design, specifically for the living space. They will never be out of fashion. The reason is that window treatments aren’t only design attributes; they also serve several functions in the home.

From providing privacy to insulating your home from fluctuating temperatures blocking out noise, and blocking light from outside, curtains are used for various functions.

Curtains can also be incredibly versatile to the latest trends in design. They are available in patterns, solid colors, and abstract designs, almost anything you can think of to create a cohesive style.

If you’re looking for something specific, there’s a style to suit your needs. Talk to the designers to get ideas for your own home.

Some styles of curtains might go out of style. However, adding window treatments to your home is always an important decision in terms of design.

What’s the Latest Trend for Window Treatments?

Many experts and analysts believe the soft, neutral, and unichromatic colors are trending. We suggest getting curtains that are vibrant and inspired by nature.

They blend well with the furniture you already have. It’s a good idea to choose solid colors like creamy white, soft browns, and warm grey tones. Keeping it clean and simple can make a bold impression on the room’s style.

It’s essential to consider the great perspective of your design in making this choice, as well. How will the colors of your curtains blend with your other furniture?

The fabric type and its length will play a part in your research method for window treatments that will help you get the style and look you’re looking for in your room.

Curtains for privacy Heavy-weight to medium-weight curtains are designed to block your windows from the view of passers-by or windows in the vicinity.

If you don’t wish to block sunlight, put your curtain rod over the window and slightly larger on either corner of your window. So, you’ll let sunlight in when you’d like and then shut the curtains to ensure the privacy you desire.

It is possible to add a backing to thinner fabrics to provide additional privacy and also an opaque or blackout liner that blocks sunlight when you need to.

Add warmth: Select heavy or lined fabrics for a warm and cozy area. Velvets and wool, plus rich linens and other light-weight fabrics, are popular selections. Additionally, think about incorporating warmer colors of the spectrum of colors, including oranges, reds, and yellows.

A lot more light: Choose lighter fabrics that let sunlight pass through. If you don’t care about privacy, think about sheer or unlined curtains, or blend the style with wooden blinds, Roman shades, or more relaxed Roman shades.

How to Choose a Curtain Length:

Apart from shades and valances, It is possible to be confused about which curtain length to select. Most ready-made curtains come in standard sizes of 48, 60, 60, 72, 84, or 96 inches.

It is possible to purchase longer curtains than you require and then cut them down to the length you want. If you want your curtains custom-made by us, you can select the exact measurement you need.

Your window treatments need to be a little lower than your window frame. Anything shorter than the window’s frame will appear awkward.

As we said earlier, it is possible to hang drapes higher than the window frame to give the illusion of more oversized windows.

If you’re looking for an elegant look, you’ll need to raise their length at least the top of the sash, maybe even down towards the floor, or spread it a little over the bottom for the most formal appearance.

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