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4 things to Consider While Making a Logo

Designing a logo is no walk in the park, it takes time and effort and most importantly creativity of a person and a designer. There is a lot more that goes to a logo designing, from a brand personality to brand image and everything related to it. Business owners do not really realize how important it is to make sure the designer you are hiring is one perfect designer who knows the ins and outs of the designing and can get you everything from planning to designing. When I was looking for a logo designer, I was searching for someone who can make me a logo that is completely out of the box. I was constantly in search of someone who can make a logo for me that can explain my brand effortlessly.

There is no denying the fact that designing a logo is almost the same as hiring a lawyer for you who would speak on behalf of you. The main idea of the lawyer is to fight for you and give your message across in the best possible way. Same is the case with the logo design. It speaks for your business and works as the first introduction of the customer to your brand and represents exactly what your organization does. Just like you would want a best lawyer to represent your case at the trial it is important to get the best person for your logo design job as well. There are a few things that you should do in order to make sure you are not on the wrong path of designing a logo.

  • Not Knowing Anything

We understand you are a business owner and you do not have much information regarding logo designing at hand. Nobody expects you to be perfect at this job, however what people expect of you is to be at least informative about the logo designing job. Things that you want and how you want them to be. The photography logo of the top quality has different design practices than the other industry logo. It is the same as the changes in the expertise of finance writers and the marketing writer.

One thing that you must do is to check out what your competitors are up to, otherwise you will be missing out on the potential ideas and industry norms both that can help you in your designs. Have a look at what the others have done before you so you have an idea about where you are headed and what direction you should go.

  • Following Trends Only

Following trends is a good practice and one should follow them as people often get into the fear of missing out when one is not aware of the kinds of trends. However, following trends only is where you make a mistake; there should be a line that you must draw. Since the advent of social media there are always a lot of trends going on, and designing trends are one of the many things that go viral.

What you should do in this case is look for the trends that resonate with your brand the best. Trends turn into clichés in no time, therefore there has to be a limit or restriction while following a particular trend. Do not go so overboard with them that they become cringe.

  • Welcome Clutter

Cluttering is a good option when you know your limits and know how to move forward from them. At times we all hold onto a few things that we do not even need which becomes a burden for us at some point. However, this is the instinct that you MUST discourage while you are designing a logo for your brand. When you are at the search phase you might browse the whole world of different logo elements and may get attached to a simple colorful palette and a whole font family. Finding something extraordinary is great, but knowing your limits and knowing what goes with your brand is even greater.

There are a few things that your business logo MUST HAVE which includes your business initials, good and attractive font, icon and at most three colors. Do not overdo your logo by adding a lot of text in it, a tagline and your business name only is enough. Do not bother getting a trademark symbol or copyright. If your logo is congested and appears busy you will distract your customers.

  • Not Thinking About Your Audience

One of the biggest mistakes that most of the logo designers and the brand owners make is they do not think about their audience while designing. Your brand is all about your audience, you should be all about it too. Make sure you are not forgetting them while designing your logo. Your logo must communicate your brand to the audience so make sure it’s in the language that is easy to comprehend.

In order to be more out of the box and smart, most brand owners bring in new concepts that are pretty incomprehensible which puts the regular people and audience in agony as they are unable to understand your logo and brand? Your logo has a few seconds only to make an impression therefore make sure you keep it simple and easy for your audience to grasp. Do not go overboard and make it tough for your audience to understand your logo.

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