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Virtual Events ideas for Companies

It’s 2021, and most of the businesses have shifted to the virtual venue.

Virtual event platforms have made it possible to conduct engaging, powerful events online that allow you to bring all the employees of the company on the same page. Virtual events are an efficient method to get connected with remote employees, discuss important topics, and overcome the challenges of a company.

Organizations are increasingly adapting to virtual events to make the most of their benefits and advantages. Reduced costs, no hassle of traveling, meaningful data analytics, etc are some noticeable benefits of virtual events. Besides these advantages, virtual events are a lot simpler to plan and perform, which makes it more convenient for companies to host such events more frequently.

Let’s look at some exciting and engaging ideas that can be used by companies to host interesting virtual events.

Virtual Town Hall

Town Hall meetings are an effective way to get each employee of the company together at the same time. These meetings are planned to discuss business updates, learn strategy determinations, big customer accomplishments, and development of company-wide objectives. Virtual town hall meetings help you get the opinions and viewpoints of everyone in the company, which can be further used to make some significant changes in strategies and programs.

Leverage the latest technology and the innovative features of virtual event platforms such as live chat, networking tables, etc to enable managers and other essential personnel to connect and interact seamlessly. Moreover, virtual town halls allow you to comfortably share content, communicate with the employees in different ways and then record the meeting for better learning.

Rewards and Recognition Program

The culture of working remotely was new for both employees and employers. But, everyone tried their best to adapt to this newest culture to continue working and deliver fruitful outcomes. At this critical moment, it becomes more important to recognize and appreciate the efforts and hard work of your employees.

Keeping a reward and recognition night and asking your employees to dress up based on a theme is an amazing virtual event idea. This will bring satisfying smiles to the faces of the employees and keep them motivated to work even better.

Games and Contests

This can be a friendly and healthy competition, among the employees or teams of the organization. This can not only foster the existing bonds but also render an opportunity to build new connections. Consider employing a virtual event platform to conduct a virtual scavenger hunt, where attendees need to visit various booths to get answers to challenge puzzles or plan other games like spin the wheel, crosswords, word games, etc to promote engagement. Virtual games make it more comfortable for every employee to participate, irrespective of their location and schedules.

You can also think of keeping award points for all games and contests to welcome more participation. Include exciting rewards or perks for people who top the leaderboard with maximum award points.

Speed Networking

Using virtual events to get connected and build new relationships is the basic purpose. Keep speed networking functions within various departments or across the entire organization so that each employee can get together at the same time.

Dreamcast, for example, has some amazing features like virtual networking tables, business card exchange, and B2B meetings scheduler to enable attendees to freely interact with each other on a real-time basis or schedule meetings at their convenient time even after the event is over.

AI Matchmaking Tool

Virtual networking is considered an extremely important aspect to host virtual events in the right way. AI-generated suggestions help provide you with a list of people who share common interests. This can be a very helpful feature that allows employees to connect with like-minded people.

Employees can’t just run into each other at online events, the way they do at an on-site event, so helping them with recommendations will let them make the most of this feature to interact and connect seamlessly.

Pre-Event Chat Rooms

If the virtual event platform you choose involves any sort of chat or social feed functionality, get it enabled before the virtual event so that employees can start engaging and introducing themselves.

By initiating communication mediums between employees before the event actually begins, you can consider building a community around the virtual event and make attendees feel more relaxed with the surroundings and their companions before it goes live.

Branded Breakouts

Depending on the capabilities of the virtual event platform you choose, you could provide sponsors their own live-stream provisions for value-based breakouts or for casual chats between sessions, where participants would have the chance to engage or connect with them.

These separate streams could be used as break areas to facilitate networking.

Consider the separate rooms and activities you would keep, had it been a physical event. Likewise, try replicating the experience of in-person affairs at virtual events by giving several options to the attendees to choose from.

Virtual events will surely continue to stay, with more and more new ideas being constantly introduced and developed. Utilize these concepts as a starting tip, but don’t be hesitant to be inventive and creative.

Conducting virtual corporate events doesn’t imply you can not plan in-person events in the future, but it does indicate you can expand your reach, preserve time and money, and increase employee engagement in different ways. But, before you host your next virtual event, be clear with the goals and end outcomes you expect from the event. Try collecting relevant feedback from the employees to understand their perspective and how they felt about the event and would they like to participate in such events in the near future? This will help you understand which areas were the hotspots of the virtual event and which of them need some improvements. Gaining these insights and data will help you plan virtual events, even more, better, and successfully.

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