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Track website with ease using the right toolkit

For each website owner one of the most important tasks is to maintain this website in working order. To monitor this feature and provide a system HostTracker, the main purpose of which is to promptly notify the client in the event of problems, so that the customer can eliminate these problems no less quickly. 

Stay up-to-date on website status with instant notifications

To be aware of the stability of your website, you do not need to spend sleepless nights monitoring its condition. Moreover, even the most attentive webmaster will not be able to monitor your website 24 hours a day. But Host Tracker has proven itself as a reliable assistant in this task. The main task of this system is to notify the website owner or webmaster in a timely manner in case of problems. This is necessary so that the webmaster can quickly fix these problems. But no less important is the correct recognition of really critical situations.

For this reason, HostTracker divides all alerts into several categories depending on their importance. If the failure is short-lived, the system will not send a notification. However, in case of real problems, the system will promptly inform the webmaster. This allows the specialist to find out about problems if they last a long time.

check your website status with HostTracker

Ways for instant notification

The system uses Hangouts, Skype, Telegram and other free messengers to alert users. Only if necessary, the system sends notifications by SMS, Viber or by phone. In addition, the webmaster can customize the working time for each communication mode. The system is designed to send a minimum of false alarms and people responsible for the website.

And a variety of settings allow you to clearly assign the roles of those responsible for the website and receive notifications only when real problems arise. Setting the “working time” parameter is also useful if there are two or more webmasters controlling websites. Thus, notifications will be received by the one who is currently on shift.

Ways for instant notification about website status

Tracking website issues using statistics system

Even ten minutes of downtime is too much if a website outage goes unnoticed by you. Since no one is able to check every minute to see if the website is down, HostTracker will do it for you. The system checks your website from different locations around the world throughout the day at a given interval. 

Also, the service will help you determine for sure how often your website is offline. To identify occasional short-term problems, with HostTracker you will see accurate statistics for all website metrics. For this purpose, in the admin panel you can see your website’s statistics online. With its help, you can visually see how many times, and how long, was the downtime of your website.

Tracking website issues using statistics system

Because of all of the above, webmasters and website owners choose HostTracker for monitoring. It allows them to react in time to the occurrence of any problems in the work of the website. At the same time, the system does not overload webmasters with unnecessary data. In addition, most of the features do not require the installation of additional programs or special equipment.

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