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The Yoga Beginner’s Guide to Pranayama

Have you heard of the yogic technique of Pranayama? In simple terms, it is the bridge that connects your internal world with the external. Pranayama is the conscious regulation of your breath that improves the flow of life force and energy in your body. Moreover, this yogic technique helps focus your mind on the task at hand.

Daily practice of Pranayama creates harmony on a physical and mental level. On a spiritual level, this helps you form a strong connection with the universe. Moreover, helping you become spiritually awake is one of the aim of Pranayama. You can enroll in Yoga Alliance Certification to know everything about this wonderful yogic technique. But, first let us understand a bit about Prana.

What Is Prana?

The energy found in all living beings is the sacred Prana. It controls everything, from the way you perceive the world to how you experience certain emotions. Unfortunately, prana is sometimes limited to breathing, but it is a lot more subtle.

Do you know the five types of prana residing in your body? Yoga experts have come up with information on all these.

Five Types Of Prana

Given below are the five types of Prana in your body.

1) Prana – Controls the breathing

2) Samana – Controls the assimilation and distribution of nutrients

3) Udana – Controls the senses, speech, and enthusiasm

4) Apana – Controls the downward explusion of waste

5) Vyana – Pervades through your entire body and distributes energy

All these in combination create what is known as Pranayama Kosha, known as the vital energy body. Your body depends on Prana to function. Healthy thoughts and other mental functions all depend on developing prana, which is an important aspect of yoga practice. You should enroll in the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India to understand more about this subtle element of yoga practice.

Let us now understand the source from where this sacred energy originates.

Prana – The Origin

The main source of the sacred Prana is your breath. Breathing is a manifestation of prana without which life ceases. It is why ancient yogis placed emphasis on learning the subtle art of breathing.

Moreover, prana is also created from the food you consume. Fresh fruits and vegetables are filled with this life-giving energy. Let us now understand what the art of Pranayama is about.


Prana-Yama is broken down into two parts, the first part Prana means vital energy or breath, and the second part ayama means expansion or extension. In other words, the technique of Prana-Yama is about extending the sacred prana through control over your breath.

However, there are four parts to the art of Pranayama.

1) Rechaka – Exhalation

2) Puraka – Inhalation

3) Bahya-Kumbhaka – Suspension of breath after exhalation

4) Antar-Kumbhaka – Retaining of breath after inhalation

It is important that you know the best time for Pranayama. Confused? Yoga experts have come up with the complete explanation.

Best Time To Practice Yoga Pranayama

Different forms of Pranayama are suited to different parts of the day. The time of the day also has an important role in choosing the right Pranayama technique.

However, yoga experts recommend you should do Pranayama during early morning hours around sunrise. The second best time is to do it during evening before sunset.

Moreover, you should practice the breathing methods of Pranayama during morning, and even mid-day to improve your energy levels and mental focus. However, if you want to relax the body and mind then do Pranayama during evening time. Enroll in the 300 hour yoga teacher training India to learn the best time to practice Pranayama.

For you to experience the actual benefits of Pranayama, you should follow some guidelines.

Practice Tips For Pranayama

Given below are some easy-to-follow tips to reap maximum benefits from a Pranayama practice.

  • Always wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes to stay relaxed during the practice.
  • Find a comfortable place to sit. You can also utilize yoga props for additional support.
  • Always do it in a well-ventilated room. Yoga experts recommend you should do this in natural surroundings for maximum benefit.
  • Keep the mind focused on sensations you feel when breathing.
  • Make sure to do it on an empty stomach.

There it is! A guide to help you understand the yogic technique of Pranayama.


Pranayama is a yogic technique that improves your lung capacity. You should enroll in a Yoga Alliance Certification to learn everything about this ancient technique from the experts.

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