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Pancha Kosha – The Five Levels Of Your Existence

Pancha Kosha – There are many who carry a limited knowledge of yoga and think that it is all about practicing asanas and developing a toned physique. However, the real goal of yoga is to help you develop a deeper relationship with the self. The self, known as Atman is located deep within your core. For you to connect with this inner being, you must first understand the Panch Koshas. Confused? Read below to know more.

Panch Kosha is a Sanskrit word and yogic concept introduced by the Hindu Sage Taittri in the Taittriya Upanishad. The first part, Pancha means five and the second part Kosha means cover or layer. In combination, this translates to the five layers of cover over your existence. To help you understand these five layers, yoga experts have come up with complete information.

Panch Kosha – A Brief Intro

According to ancient yogis, yoga is a process of searching and connecting with your Atman. You don’t have to strive to be in search of Atman as it is an undestroyable part of yourself. However, this supreme being is covered under five layers, which are known as Panch Kosha.

The impurity of these five layers is what makes it hard for you to realize the true nature of Atman. You should enroll in the best yoga training India to learn how to reconnect with your true self with the practice of yoga.

However, do you know what these five layers are? For starters, these five layers provide us a better understanding of our spiritual and psychological development.

The 5 Layers Of Your Existence

Yoga experts have come up with the explanation of what these Pancha Kosha are and how they impact your connection to the Atman.

Annamaya Kosha

The word Anna means food. This layer consists of the physical body and is also the most dense layers among all Koshas. Annamaya Kosha consists of bones and tissues that make up your muscles and organs. It is also the lowest vibration of your existence.

It is in Annamaya Kosha that energy solidifies into matter and is converted into the five elements, among which the Earth element is the most dominant. This layer contains the sacred Prana energy and your consciousness. Being stuck in this layer makes you obsess over your outer form.

Pranamaya Kosha

As the name suggests, this is the layer consisting of energy. Pranamaya Kosha consists of breath and the five pranas namely prana, apana, udana, samana, and vyana. Each of these forms controls various functions within your physical body. Remember. Without Prana, your body is lifeless.

It is Prana that helps the blood flow and carries impulses from your body to the brain and back. Prana also circulates between the physical body and other layers of with the help of Nadis. Learning this Kosha is an important part of the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus.

Manamaya Kosha

The word Mana means mind. This layer is made up of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It is also known as the monkey mind. It is through this layer you view the world and develop likes and dislikes through the five senses.

Each one of us experiences pain and pleasure throughout life, which makes us happy and unhappy. If you remain stuck in this layer, your mind gains control over you. However, there are yogic practices to help you get out of this trap.

Vijnanamaya Kosha

Vijnana means subtle knowledge or wisdom. This layer helps you achieve higher states of consciousness or gain access to intuitive knowledge. You lose awareness of the body and mind, and develop awareness of a “higher mind”. This helps you decide, judge, and discriminate from the wisdom of ourselves, which is the higher consciousness.

Vijnanamaya Kosha links together your conscious mind, higher mind, and the universal mind. You should enroll in a certified yoga training. Remember, this layer is an important aspect of the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus, understanding this gives you knowledge of the divine being.

Anandamaya Kosha

The word Ananda means bliss. It is the spiritual body where you are able to unite with the divine being, which is the Atman. Anandamaya layer is connected to the unconsciousness or superconscious mind and is also the highest layer of vibration in your life.

There it is! The complete information on Panch Koshas, an important part of the yogic lifestyle philosophy.


Do you want to experience true and complete bliss? You should enroll in the best yoga school in India to learn everything about the yogic philosophy of Panch Koshas. This will help you realize the relation of your physical body with the divine soul.

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