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The Colorful 2D Graphics Design Ignites With Computer Vision

The living world is brimmed with beautiful colors, landscapes, fabulous creations expressing beauty. If you look around, you will see much beautiful landscape that soothes your sight with an essence of excitement. Although, these nature’s creations are filled with beautiful colors, which adds more charm to them. Thereby, colors are very important in our lives as they are a great source of diversion. With beautiful colors and visuals, one’s psychology will be positively impacted in a pleasant mood, reducing stress and effects on your sight. With the digital involvement in all aspects, we are able to capture nature’s beauty by sketching, painting, animations, drawing beautiful scenes by using consistent graphics designing.

Graphics designing is a field where artistic designers craft visual designs by drawing portrayals, putting life into static images. Furthermore, the great role of color theory makes it valuable. Graphics design has an extensive list of design types, categories in which it is divided. But the most common among them is 2D graphics design, as it is very common and functional.

What is Color Theory?

As the name suggests, color theory is a concept or guideline for artists to choose the right one for visual communication. In this theory, a long scheme of appealing colors is introduced with their respective purposes. Hence, it’s up to the designers to pick the suitable color that fixes best to their visual and solely conveying their message. The classification of color theory is as follows:

  • Primary colors à red, blue, and yellow
  • Secondary colors à green, purple, and orange
  • Tertiary colors à a blend of primary and secondary colors

This is the basic color theory concept. As colors have a central part in graphics design, therefore the color theory plays a prominent role in it.

Role Of Color Theory In Graphic Design:

Since colors stimulate our perception and express emotion, to come up with an excellent piece of the visual right choice of color will be effective. As technology and science together are working on modifications, numerous obtainable colors are set forth. More, computer vision has a very supporting role in making visuals and color selections. Although, in graphics design, 2D visuals are very common and reachable in range. Besides other designing models, two-dimensional models and image designs are cost-effective with high revenue. A rough estimate shows that a graphics designer earns up to 150$ per hour. Also, the average rate of income is approximately 80,000$ annually.

Consistent Color Selection Is A Clue To Amazing Visual Design

Graphics designing is a vast field with meaningful objectives, such as crafting images, logo designing, banners, designing business cards, video making and editing, animations, etc. For the most part, the right color will be meaningful for your design. The core purpose of adding colors to a vision is to give life to it, and suitable color will make it lively. In 2D graphics design, mostly visuals are two-dimensional images, so contrasting colors will catch the eyes of viewers.

Promotion Of Color Concept In The Light Of Computer Vision

Although, with digital evolution, colors in graphics designing are playing an important role in promoting any production. In fact, every color has a deep secret of its purpose. Computer vision is very helpful for branding as it gives unique solutions to marketers. Computer vision and graphics design collectively work to produce meaningful designs. It replicates human vision by using computer-made software. The best 2D graphics design is possible with suitable colors such as:

Primary Color Selection:

Let’s start with the primary color selection for attracting visuals!

  • To express emotions are warmth in your design concept, a selection of Red color will suit best. The red color is the source of affection, expression of depth emotions, indicating a sense of urgency or clear vision. Therefore adding red with gradient touch will make it appealing. In this case, the computer-made software for visual designing is overflowing with the best shades.


  • Yellow is a bright color with heating attributes, indicating the power of something or energizing. The secret of yellow color comes to experience joy. Graphics designs with a touch of yellow color look awesome. In addition, the yellow color in visuals immediately draws the viewer’s attention with its energizing quality.


  • Blue in nature is a sign of indication calm and peace; sometimes, it also expresses sorrow. The color palette in graphics design is filled with beautiful and calming shades of blue. A two-dimensional visual with light or blue shades soothes and captures the sight of the viewer. The boldness and refreshing effect with a fabulous blend of a gradient in light and dark effects its purpose within feature traits.

Secondary Color Selection:

To begin with, secondary color selection, keep these important points in your mind!

  • Adding an orange color in gradient or light shade makes it identical on the viewer’s side. The orange color is vibrant with energetic features. Mostly 2D images use orange color for aggressive impact in potential. Hence, a design with little addition of orange increases its worth.


  • The common nature’s color, Green, is the coolest color refreshing the viewer’s sight. Green colors universally indicate wealth with their cool and calm shades. Therefore, a designer choosing green for their visuals with dark and light shades makes the design more energetic. Mostly, green color is a highlighting color in light shade, so 2D animation videos use green color because it perfectly aligns on any background.


  • However, the purple color indicates the softness of something, that how smooth it is. The purple color in the palette is the most beautiful color, giving a charming look to the visual. Visual designs with purple show the comfort and essence of wealth in a royal look.


In conclusion, the above-mentioned colors are very common in use for drafting excellent visual designs. Although, computer vision in visual design creation is very helpful because it brings a fresh concept for designers with its advanced qualities. Such as new design techniques with advanced features, fresh concepts of 3D and 2D animation services, segmentations, visual detection, modeling designs, etc. A productive 2D graphics design will be eye-catching with discriminating color selection with cost-effective revenue.

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