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What is web designing? What are the things taken into account?

What is web design? (What is Web Designing ?)

In simple words, What is Web Designing web design is a process in which we plan to make a website keeping in mind various facts, and then according to that plan we give shape and color to the website.

While designing the website, not only its color form is taken care of, but all the information and contents available on the website, how they will be visible to the user, and how it will work are also taken care of.

A good web designer is the one who takes care of what the user wants to see on his website and his primary goal is to understand and fulfill the requirements of the audience.

It is possible to do this only when the website is well planned, quality content is provided, and necessary multimedia (image, video, animation, etc.) is used.

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What are the things that are kept in mind while designing a website?

In the whole process of website designing, work is done keeping in mind various types of facts, some of which are as follows:

Target audience:

The first and most important thing is the target audience, that is, the visitors to your website, when you come to know about the audience of your website, then your work becomes very easy.

This gives you an understanding of what type of content your audience likes, now you will be able to design your site further accordingly.

For example, if you are making a website for an automobile, then it is obvious that there will be only those people in the audience group who like bikes, cars, etc. What kind of information do you want from the site, now you will put only those things on your site which are of use to the person who likes the car.

Information architecture:

You have come to know what information you have to publish in your site, but in what format you should convey that information to your audience so that they find it more interesting to see and read, it is also important to keep this in mind.


The structure or structure of the website is called its layout, while designing the layout, keeping in mind the height-width, position, etc of different sections of the website like header, sidebar, content, footer, etc., the structure is designed in such a way. That we are able to present the information of our site to the user in the right way. Read:  How to Create a Fluid or Liquid Website Layout Design


It is very important to have effective navigation (menu) on any site. It is through navigation that the visitor comes to know where and on which page the kind of information he wants is available.
Good navigation should be simple, simple, and understandable.

Navigation can be made in many ways, such as by putting a link in the header, sidebar or footer or by creating a separate menu and dividing the links of the pages into different categories, so that the user can easily find the things he wants.

The design of navigation should be the same on all the pages of that site.


You must have heard that a picture speaks a thousand words in itself, without such pictures your website can look dull and boring and the visitor will close your site in 5 seconds and go somewhere else.

Using images will not only make your site look good, apart from this graphics will also improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website.

While using graphics, we need to keep many things in mind such as:

  • Image format
  • Resolution
  • Size
  • Height-Width
  • color combination

The images of your website should be attractive in appearance, apart from this, it should also be related to the content and load quickly.


Whenever we design our website, we also have to take care of the color combination, you must have seen that a maximum of 3 or 4 colors are used in most of the websites so that the site looks more professional.

The color of the images, fonts, backgrounds, etc. to be used is selected according to the pre-decided color combination and the same combination is used in all the pages.


Obviously, if the fonts are not clear and readable, then our website is of no use, apart from the fonts that we see in our system in MS-Word, etc., it is not necessary that we will be able to use all of them in our website. . We have 2 options while choosing a font:

  • We use the same common fonts which are already installed in the user’s system or
  • We use web fonts in which we have to include fonts in our site itself.

Apart from all this, whether we have font size, color, bold or light, whether the content is matching with the situation or not, all these things are also taken into account.

What is necessary to learn to do website design?

Nowadays it has become very easy to create a website, there are many such tools on the internet, with the help of which you can easily create your website without any programming.

But if you want to become a professional web designer, you want to design any kind of website and you can understand not only the design but also all the functionality inside it, then for this, you have some programming skills. It is necessary to have

Although there are many technologies in website designing, first you start learning from some important things given below:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Basic Javascript (Optional)
  • jQuery


That is HyperText Markup Language, which is the most important and first thing to create a website.
With this, the layout of the website i.e. the structure is prepared. Believe me, it is very easy to learn, and by learning it, you can create a simple web page in a few minutes. You can learn basic HTML in just 20 minutes.


After learning HTML, it is necessary to learn CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) because you cannot make your website attractive with HTML alone.

The structure of the website is prepared from HTML, then it is decorated with CSS, that is, all the work of coloring is done by CSS.   Learning it is more fun than HTML, but yes, before learning it, you must learn HTML because CSS alone cannot do anything.


Although it is not so necessary, you can create the best design with HTML + CSS. But if you want to add some new functionalities as you must have seen, there are some forms in a site, contact form, registration form, etc., after filling and submitting our data gets submitted without reloading the page, things like this are created from javascript.


jQuery is used to make some common tasks of Javascript easier.

It is easier than Javascript.

To do the work that many lines of code have to be written in Javascript, we can easily do it in a few lines in jQuery.

Tools used in web design:

There are many tools for this, different for designing, different tools are used for coding. It is not necessary that you use these tools, designers choose the tools of their choice according to their own. Here is a list of some  popular web designing tools which are useful for beginners:

Tools for Designing:

  • Photoshop
  • Corel Draw

Text editors for coding:

  • Notepad++
  • Dreamweaver

Web Design What is it? Conclusion

It is the job of a web designer to make the website look beautiful and user-friendly. For this it is necessary to have knowledge of tools and technology, it is also important to be a little creative.

How did you like our article “ Learn about Web Designing ? ”, if you have any questions related to this post or you want to give some suggestions for this blog, then definitely tell us through a comment.

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