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Producing Internet Course from a PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint slides have long been the common thanks to gift data and support schoolroom lectures with visuals. Several coaching professionals have an oversized variety of PPT slides handy. And though you wish to form courses from scratch, creating them in PowerPoint maybe a piece of cake as a result of we’ve notable this tool for an awful while. Yuri Shafranik 

The booming eLearning market prompts even people who had ne’er schooled a category to become inquisitive about making and commercialism online courses within the space of their experience. It feels like most are searching for ways in which to form and sell courses today. Yuri Shafranik

However, PPT slides aren’t invariably an ideal match for coaching for these reasons:
  • Limited opportunities to deliver PPTs online.
  • Learners will modification or copy your slides.
  • Slides don’t presuppose any assessment and serve a lot of for presentation than coaching.

So, will this mean it’s time to urge eliminate PPTs? after all not. There square measure many ways in which to upcycle slides to be used in online learning. We’ll tell you about 3 quick ways in which to form an internet course from a PPT.

Convert PPT into HTML5

The HTML5 format may be a surefire thanks to building a file accessible for online viewing. Courses in HTML5 may be displayed in any browser or on mobile devices and might contain video, audio, triggers, and animations. To convert slides into HTML5, you’ll be able to use device software packages and plug-ins like iSpring Free, iSpring device professional, HTML5Point, Update, and online converters like Zamzar.

If your slides contain any triggers, animations, video files, or external links, it’s crucial to confirm they’re going to be preserved once conversion. If you don’t apprehend that tools are strong enough for this task. Think about using iSpring Free or iSpring device professional. They’ll publish your course in HTML5 with a single click and preserve all the results that you just had found out. Each of the squares measures PowerPoint add-ins, thus you’ll be able to use them right within the PowerPoint interface.

But that one amongst these tools do you have to select? If you’re searching for a secure and strong thanks to saving your slides in HTML5 utterly freed from charge, want iSpring Free. It’s an associate out-of-the-box resolution for simply creating your courses interactive with 3 forms of quiz queries, and set feedback, variety of tries, and cut-off dates for them.

If you would like to fancy further writing and navigation functions. Have larger export choices, and defend your courses from unauthorized distribution, attempt iSpring device professional. This tool permits you to deliver audio narration to your learners by commerce existing audio files or recording new ones. It conjointly allows users to enter YouTube videos into courses, save them as video courses in MP4, and export them onto YouTube.

Turn PPT into SCORM

HTML5 is usually an associate choice. However, if you would like to trace learner progress and build a whole system of coaching. Commercial enterprise courses online aren’t enough – you’ll have to be compelled to transfer them to a learning management system (LMS) like iSpring. E-Learning has its own customary formats that square measure applicable for courses in associate LMS. The foremost in style and wide used eLearning format is SCORM, a lot of exactly, SCORM 1.2, and SCORM 2004 third Edition.

Prior to SCORM, there was no guarantee that another LMS would show the course. Moreover, instructors couldn’t track students’ progress on material and gain valuable stats thereon. That’s why changing your slides into SCORM can take you a step nearer to eLearning and open new opportunities for you. However, making a SCORM course manually may be a problem, because it takes time, patience, and IT writing and writing skills.

Luckily, there square measure a number of tools that facilitate PowerPoint conversion to SCORM. ISpring Free, iSpring device professional, Articulate plot, and Adobe charm. With all iSpring tools, swing courses online within the SCORM format is as straightforward as pie. To start out the conversion, you only have to be compelled to install the tool. Open a PowerPoint presentation, click on the iSpring tab, and choose Publish. And voila You currently have an internet course in SCORM and might transfer it to any LMS!

Use a PowerPoint-based Authoring Tool

If you’re searching for a lot of versatile and artistic ways in which to have interaction and assess learners, want full-fledged authoring tools. Authoring tools square measure the software package for making numerous digital learning content. Online courses, video tutorials and screencasts, quizzes and dialogue simulations, and more. Some recognized authoring software packages square measure iSpring Suite, Adobe charm, Articulate 360, DomiKnow, Easygenerator, and Lectora online.

Since we’re talking regarding ways in which to form online courses from PPT slides. Let’s check out one of the foremost easy and convenient PowerPoint-based course authoring tools – iSpring Suite. If you recognize the way to produce slides in PowerPoint, then you already skills to use the iSpring Suite. It’s like an additional tab on the ribbon, and you’ll be able to launch the iSpring Suite menu as presently as you open your slides.

iSpring Suite will convert PowerPoint shows to any or all major online course formats like HTML5, SCORM, AICC, Tin will API, and MP4 video courses, however, there’s way more thereto.

Here you’ll be able to add interactive quizzes and mini-games to your slides. As well as drag-and-drops, hotspots, and matching, and set varied grading policies for them. You’ll be able to conjointly offer your coaching courses with fascinating characters to guide learners through the course. And train them in dialogue simulations with branching eventualities.


If you would like to form online courses and have PPT slides handy. There square measure three ways in which to try to do this with the correct device and authoring software:

  • Turn slides into HTML5.
  • Turn slides into SCORM.
  • Enhance your slides and build interactive courses out of them.
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