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How Do I Avoid Change Fees on Alaska Airlines?

Do you have a flight booking at Alaska Airlines and wish to change it? Dial the Alaska Airlines Reservations phone number and contact the airline for complete information. Alaska Airlines maintains its reputation by offering travel-friendly policies and measures to its passengers.  Alaska has improvised several beneficial policies for passengers who wish to change their flights. A passenger can now avoid the flight change fee because of the new announcement by Alaska Airlines of eliminating the change fees. They can also use some important tips and avoid paying the change fee.

Alaska Airlines completely waives change fees

Alaska Airlines will cancel all domestic and international ticket change fees:

  • This covers the entire route network of Alaska Airlines and applies to all ticket types, except power saver fares
  • This does not mean that you can get a cash refund on ticket cancelation, but it means that you will receive a voucher that can be used within 12 months from the original issuance date.
  • However, Changing or canceling an award ticket between 60 days of travel requires a $125 fee unless you have elite status in Alaska. For mileage program MVP Gold or 75K, change and cancellation fees are always waived.
  • For those who travel in the same paid booking as MVP Gold or Gold 75 members, non-elite flyers will be charged a change fee, but if MVP Gold or Gold 75 members use their miles to book award travel for non-elite flyers, change and cancel fees Will be waived, and miles will be re-deposited to the elite member’s account!.

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How one can Avoid the Alaska Airlines flight Change fee?

When an airline changes or cancels a flight due to weather, crew arrangements, maintenance, or other reasons, you as a passenger rarely get compensation. However, when you need to change or cancel your reservation, you may be charged a huge fee. Thankfully, there are some tricks that can allow you to completely reduce or avoid these costs for paid flights. Here is a list of some possible strategies:

  • Look for travel exemptions.
  • Remember the 24-hour rule.
  • Pay close attention to changes in the schedule.
  • Consider booking one way and round trip.
  • There are good reasons.
  • Consider your credit card coverage.
  • Obtain elite status.
  • Use credit card travel credit to pay for your expenses.
  • Unless necessary, do not pay cancellation or change fees.

Customers with Frontier Airlines layover reservations can directly contact Frontier Airlines Booking for this purpose and ask the airline agent directly about change fee exemption.

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