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Best Places To See In Thailand

Thailand is a complete package of adventure, fun, culture, excitement, history, and a lot more. This amazing place in Asia is one of the most visited tourist destinations all around the world every year. In fact, people visit Thailand multiple times after their first experience. From beautiful beaches such as Railay, most alluring islands like Koh Phi Phi, Historical cities like Sukhothai Old City, and many such places, Thailand is a place you must visit at least once in your life.

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  • Railay Beach:Thailand

If you are looking for a perfect beach day on your trip to Thailand, Railay Beach is the place for you. Many locals and tourists who have been to this place claim that there is no better beach than this one in Thailand. The entire beach is covered with sparkling, golden sand, clear turquoise blue water, and luscious, dense forests all around the beach are what make it so special and beautiful. Bring your family to Railay Beach and enjoy many water activities for adults and kids. You can swim, dive, or enjoy volleyball by the sea while our kids make sparkling sandcastles.

  • Koh Phi Phi: Thailand

Even though Railay Beach tops the list of best beaches, the award for the best island in the country is definitely for Koh Phi Phi. You can reach the island by boat or other water transport only. But once you are there, it is all worth it. This island has the best backdrop for all the amazing family pictures you have always wanted to capture on this trip. What attracts the majority of the tourists to this mesmerizing island is its Monkey Beach. It is exactly like it sounds. There are hundreds of monkeys on the beach you can feed. However, grab your food tightly, just in case.

  • Waterfalls at Erawan National Park

Aren’t waterfalls one of the most beautiful natural wonders to enjoy? Well, when you are in Thailand, you can enjoy this at the Erawan National Park. Not one, not two, you will find many jaw-droppingly beautiful falls in this national park. This park came into existence in 1975 and soon became one of the most favorite spots for locals as well as tourists. The most loved fall in this park is the Erawan fall which is almost 7 feet in height. The water flowing on the stones by this wall will leave you stunned.

  • The Grand Palace, Bangkok

There is no chance that you are in Thailand and you do not visit Bangkok. This place is not just for all the fun it has to offer but also holds a huge part of Thailand’s history hidden within the walls of the Grand Palace. The architecture of this grand building is a piece of attraction itself. The Grand Palace is not just about the evidence of history but also the Buddha temple built within its boundaries. There are many other attractions outside the castle that tourists must not miss, including the Prasat Phra Debidorn.

  • Sukhothai Old City: Thailand

Sukhothai Old City is one of the oldest cities in Thailand and is still in its own aesthetic form. Wherever you go here, you will see history shouting itself out loud. This place is best for capturing moments and getting the best pictures with your family and friends. This place is so much loved by the locals and visitors and holds the beliefs of many people. In fact, it is also a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

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  • Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai

If you plan to stay in Thailand or even if you are here for a weekend, visit the Sunday Walking Street in Chiang Mai. This is the place where you will get to satisfy your taste bud with the best street food in Thailand. Fresh fruits, delicious meat, sweet chapatis, and a lot more are what you need when you are starving in Thailand. This market is not just about delights but also has a lot of small and big stores selling goodies that you might want to buy for your loved ones.

  • Maruekhathaiyawan Palace : Thailand

If you love to explore the amazing architectural wonders of a place, go to Maruekhathaiyawan Palace to encounter the western and traditional architecture of the country at the same place. This palace is a very open and airy place, and you will feel relaxed away from the fun and thrill of city life. The castle came into existence after doctors recommended King Rama IV to shift to such a place in 1925. Once you are here, make sure you take a tour inside the palace to the king’s and queen’s headquarters.

  • Doi Suthep: Thailand

If you want to experience Buddist culture and values, pay a visit to the Doi Suthep. This is a palace located in between mountains. The first thing you will experience as you get closer to the palace is the chanting of prayers. Everything here is soaked in the holy vibe, and monks keep this place well-maintained and pure. The best part about visiting this place is that it is a combined package of heavenly vibes and an adventurous trek to reach the top of the temple.

  • Tonsai Beach

Another beach in the city to spend a fun and adventurous beach day is Tonsai Beach. This beach is one of its kind. Here you can be as adventurous as you wish to. This beach is the only place with many limestone cliffs which you can climb. An amazing part of this adventure on Tonsai Beach is that this place welcomes beginners as well as experts with open arms. They have different climbing schools or both. Make sure the first thing you do when you reach here is enroll yourself in one of these and have the best time till you are at the beach.

  • Floating Markets: Thailand

Floating Markets are a specialty of Thailand. These are exactly what the name suggests it to be. Boats selling goodies, fruits, vegetables, and a lot more while you enjoy a ride in-between the waters. While you are up early in the morning, exploring the city on a rented boat, buy some fresh items from the nearby market boats.

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