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Control Blood Pressure & Treatment

Blood pressure is described as the pressure exerted by the circulating blood against the walls of the blood vessels. The circulating blood flows in the body with the help of the Heart, which pumps the blood into the circulating system. Check out our best solution of blood pressure treatment.

How to measure Blood flow? 

The blood is measured by looking at the two numbers. 

  1. Systolic                 2.  Diastolic

Systolic Pressure: 

It is the pressure generated due to the contraction of the heart muscle inside the artery which pumps the blood through the body. It is a top number. The normal systolic pressure is 180 mmHg or below.

Diastolic Pressure: 

It is the pressure generated due to the relaxation of heart muscle inside the artery which stores the blood. It is a bottom number. The normal diastolic pressure is 80 mmHg or below. Blood flow in the human body controls multiple functions. The proper balance of the body is maintained by the proper blood flow in the body.  Maintaining balanced blood pressure is the key to healthy living. Below are the types of Blood pressure: 

Low Blood Pressure: 

Low blood pressure also termed hypotension seems desirable but abnormally low blood pressure could be riskier and make several health complications.

Signs & Symptoms:

There are various symptoms of low blood pressure like blurred vision, fatigue, lack of concentration fainting, and nausea.


There are multiple causes behind low blood pressure like: 

  • Blood loss
  • Pregnancy
  • Dehydration
  • Cardiovascular problem
  • Lack of balanced diet 
  • Infections & Allergic reactions 

Low Blood Pressure Treatment: 

  • The best way to cure low blood pressure-related complications is to eat small portions of food frequently.
  • Have an adequate level of salts in the diet. 
  • Drinking water and avoiding alcohol.
  • Also, control your Stress and be relaxed. For more info about the treatment of Stress in Cleveland, you should check this.

High Blood Pressure Treatment: 

High blood pressure also termed hypertension is the condition in which the force exerted by the blood with the wall of arteries is so high that it can cause various health-related complications like Heart attack, stroke, and organ dysfunction.

Signs and symptoms: 

 It is usually termed a silent killer because the victim may not face any significant signs or symptoms despite reading touches on high levels. There are other symptoms that are very rare in patients suffering from high blood pressure like headaches, nose bleeding, and shortness of breath.


There are various factors that determine High blood pressure, it usually develops with time. Eating unhealthy food is one of the main causes of high blood pressure. Most people consume high cholesterol food, take a high quantity of salts regularly, and eat junk foods, consume too much alcohol, Use tobacco, being obese, lack of physical activities, age & genetics are the possible causes of high blood pressure. 

Treatment through medications: 

Health professionals prescribed multiple medication treatments by measuring the severity and complications of the patient. While medicines help to control the complications that arise due to high blood pressure. But there are various side-effects associated with it like:

Cough, diarrhea, weakness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and tiredness are some of the physical side- effects of medications but long-term use of medications could also initiate hormonal imbalance.

High Blood Pressure Treatment: 

As you saw, there are side effects of using medications to treat high blood pressure. A healthy lifestyle can help to reduce the risks more effectively. Health experts suggest various activities to maintain low blood pressure, some of them are shown below: 

Regular Exercise: 

Regular exercise can help to lower blood pressure. Take 30 mins to walk regularly. It’s important to be consistent while exercising. Consistency is the key in doing exercises, you may have to be consistent to get better results. Health experts suggest different exercises like jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing, and limited strength training can help lower blood pressure.

Take a Healthy diet: 

Having a healthy diet plan can help to reduce the effect of high blood pressure. A diet with the essence of whole grain, vegetables, and fruits is best to cure it. It’s important to monitor you’re eating habits, most of the cases involving hypertension are due to obesity, so try to avoid eating food with excess cholesterol and also take less sodium in your diet. 

Take potassium-rich foods, potassium helps to reduce the excessive quantity of sodium in our body. Your food determines your health so follow a healthy diet plan for better living.

Avoid smoking & Alcohol: 

Consuming alcohol is not a good idea while you are suffering from High blood pressure, it elevates your blood pressure to dangerous levels. Alcohol not only disturbs your blood pressure but also lessens the effect of medication used to treat hypertension. Smoking damages the respiratory organs of our bodies. Excessive smoking increases blood pressure. Quitting smoking reduces the chances of severe complications of high blood pressure.

Manage your stress level: 

Stress can be harmful in any form, it elevates the blood pressure level at a dangerous level so it’s important to manage your stress by doing activities like doing yoga, a short trip, socializing, talking with the psychologist about your mental health, changing your expectations, play sports and do things which makes you happy and gives inner satisfaction. Also, check out the most psychiatrist of depression in Cleveland.

Consult with your doctor: 

It is important to consult with your doctor about the medicine you are taking, and the possible outcomes of that, or if you are planning to make changes in your medication. It’s good to have a regular check-up. Besides this, you can also check your blood pressure regularly at home. This will further help to maintain a normal blood pressure level.

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