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Konasana Method, Benefits and Precautions

Today we will try to give you detailed information about Konasana. People who practice Konasana. Those people have many benefits. We will tell you the advantages of doing Konasana, the disadvantages of doing Konasana, and how Konasana is done. We will try to answer all the questions related to this.

Apart from this, many other types of questions arise in the mind of those who practice Konasana. It is very important to give you information about which. Because of which people can become aware. Below we will try to give you all the important information related to Konasana.

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What is Konasana?

Reed’s defects are removed by Konasana. The slipped disc is also fine. The shoulders, arms, and wrists are strengthened. The thigh muscle just gets stronger. Apart from this, there are many other benefits, about which information will be given to you further.

The human body is a balanced form of physical, mental, emotional, emotional, puranic, and spiritual forces. Indian sages and sages introduced yoga which is the natural way of living and the art of nursing. Complete rule and balance of all these powers have been done by Konasana.

This man attains the state of ecstasy. Konasana provides healing to the physical, mental, and vital planes of the body. Konasana is capable of making the body completely flexible and healthy.

Do Konasana at a slow pace with love and with a feeling of happiness. The best way to do yoga is in the morning. At the time of sunrise, oxygen and vitality force is highest in the atmosphere, so this time is very beneficial for health.

Do Konasana in the open air in the garden or in a ventilated room. Take care of breathing in and out. When we stretch the body, we breathe in and when we compress the body, we breathe out, when we do not understand, then take a natural breath. Yogasana should be done by laying a thick cloth, rug, or sheet on the ground so that the life force is not immersed in the ground.

Method of doing Konasana –

Sit down and keep both hands behind the waist. Bend both legs forward and taunt. While breathing, very slowly rise up on the heels and palms. The body should be straight, the claws should be with the earth, and try to raise the navel. While breathing normally, stay in this position as much as possible.

Benefits of Konasana –

  • Konasana corrects the defects of the body. The slipped disc is also fine. Shoulders, arms, and wrists become strong. Thigh muscles also become strong. The removal process becomes easy. The reed bone is flexible and strong.
  • This asana increases youth and life. Blood circulation increases throughout the body. The energy of the nervous system increases greatly, due to which the nervous system becomes strong and capable. The stomach and legs get a lot of benefits. Obesity is reduced.
  • There is relief in back pain and lumbar, spondylitis. It is beneficial in cervical spondylitis. The sex organs are strong and powerful. This asana strengthens and strengthens the abdomen and uterus of women. There is an increase in agility, strength, and agility in the body.
  • It is very beneficial in severe pain, respiratory diseases, headaches, eye disorders. Strengthens the muscles of hands and feet. Improves blood circulation in the brain. Memory intensifies. Due to this, the muscles and ducts of the thigh and thoracic region get strength.
  • Chakrasana is extremely useful for dancing. By the use of this asana, the navel center is stabilized and the drain becomes strong and the circulation of blood in the blood vessel increases, due to which we get many wonderful benefits.

Konasana time –

You should practice Konasana in the morning time, you get the maximum benefit from it. That’s why you should practice it in the morning after doing the sachet. This gives you a great boost in energy.

Care should be taken while doing Konasana –

The whole activity should be done slowly so that there is no jerk anywhere. If there is a pain in the hands, arms, or shoulders, then do not do this asana. This asana should not be done more than the capacity. This asana is prohibited for pregnant women.

Fever or patients who have pain in the stomach, liver, and the round bladder should not do this asana. Yogasana should be done slowly with love. Do not give any kind of a shock to the body. If there is any kind of nervousness or pain, then give up the posture and lie down in the breath.

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