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7 Best Fashion Logos and How to Design your own

7 of the Best Fashion Logos & How to Create Your Own

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3 Expert Tips on Designing Fashion Logos

Fashion is a term that we often use to describe clothing and accessories that are either new, strange or stylish. It can change depending on the time period and the people who wear it. However, one thing is certain: fashion requires logos.

Logos for fashion brands and designers serve as their identification in the industry; they make them visible among their competitors.

However, designing logos for fashion brands may not be easy. It is crucial that the logo design would represent the brand’s image correctly in order to attract potential clients.

This article provides three expert tips on how to design a fashion logo that makes an impact and gains attention from its audience.

Fashion Logo Design Tips 1: Make it Stand Out

One of the most important aspects when designing a logo for fashion is to make it stand out. It needs to attract the target market’s attention, but at the same time, avoid scaring them away or causing revulsion.

Fashion logos should be noticeable yet stylish; if they are too loud and flashy, then they will attract the wrong audience. Thus, when designing a fashion logo, it is essential to consider the target market and the message that you want to convey.

Fashion Logo Design Tips 2: Keep It Simple

Logos for fashion brands should be simple yet catchy. The logo should not only show what the brand or company stands for; it should also be unique and represent the brand’s individuality.

Logos for fashion brands should not only convey the values of the company but should also leave a lasting impression on those who view it.

Fashion Logo Design Tips 3: Make it Last as long as the Brand Itself

Since logos for fashion brands serve as their identification in the industry, the logo should be memorable enough for consumers to easily recall.

Logos for fashion brands should contain qualities that would make it relevant even after many years. The logo should represent the brand’s legacy and not just its image in that particular time period.

Fashion Logos are much more than what they appear to be at first glance; they reflect the brand’s identity and values. Thus, it is necessary to design a logo that not only represents the company but also its target market. Simple yet classy logos are often preferred since they convey more meaning compared to flashy ones.

Logos for fashion brands should be representative of what it wants to become in the future; thus, logos for fashion brands should also be timeless in order to gain the support of consumers in various time periods.

Designing logos for fashion brands may not be easy, but if you keep these expert tips in mind, then it would be easier for you to make your desired impact on your target market.

How to Make a Fashion Logo

Fashion logos are everywhere, but have you ever wondered how they are created?

A fashion logo is essentially a symbol that represents the brand. It does not necessarily relate to the company or business in any way. Apart from perhaps indirectly through its owner/company’s main industry. A fashion logo usually tells you nothing about what the company does. It is merely a way of branding its products to make them stand out.

Logos usually follow the basic principles of any good design – they are simple, memorable, and appropriate for what it represents. This is why many companies opt to use text in their logo rather than an abstract symbol. A well-known example of this is Google

Google Logo

Google’s logo, which is essentially just their name in a custom font.

However, some companies prefer to use images in order to represent their brand. The main problem with this approach is that if the image they choose has too much meaning or can be associated with anything other than what they are trying to represent, it can be confusing for the consumer.

For example, a fashion brand may want to use an image of a handbag in its logo. While this would provide a clear representation of what that company does, it also risks being associated with other brands that use similar imagery or have already trademarked/purchased the rights to that image.

Adidas Logo

Adidas is a footwear and sports clothing company that is most widely recognized for its 3-stripe logo, a stylized version of which can be seen in. The interesting thing about this logo though is that the stripes actually represent the 3 parts of a shoe: the outsole, midsole, and upper. This is why Adidas is quite protective over who uses this image, as it may be seen to represent something that they are not.

For this reason, many fashion logos opt for an abstract symbol that provides little meaning in itself but can easily be associated with the brand – thus avoiding any confusion with other brands whose products are similar.


  • Research
  • Preliminary sketches
  • Refinement and sketch presentation
  • Refinement and vectorization
  • Logo proofing
  • Logo animation
  • Brand guidelines
  • Review
  • Delivery

An abstract logo will usually consist of a simple, recognizable symbol with a text description underneath to clarify what it represents.

An example of a fashion logo designed in this style is Alexander McQueen’s skull, which is their logo at the moment. It’s a simple, abstract symbol that you could easily recreate and use without having to worry about infringing anyone else’s rights or getting into legal trouble.

Alexander McQueen Logo

A fashion brand like Alexander McQueen may prefer to opt for such an abstract symbol because it allows them to use the design across all media – print, web, merchandise, etc. without having to worry about any copyright issues.

Louis Vuitton Logo

Louis Vuitton is another fashion brand that uses an abstract symbol in their logo, although theirs is more complicated than Alexander McQueen’s for some reason most likely because it is a more well-known brand that wants to reinforce its status at any given opportunity.

Supreme Logo

Supreme, another fashion brand, chose to use a similar abstract symbol in their logo (see image 5), just with a different design and color scheme.


DVBH, a Danish fashion label, chose a different approach with their logo, choosing to include both their brand name and an abstract symbol the combination of these two elements fused together make up the complete logo.

Comme des Garcons Logo

Comme des Garcons, another fashion label, use a very simple symbol within their logo that looks slightly similar to Supremes’ or DVBH’s.

So, what is a fashion logo?

Basically, it’s any logo used by a fashion brand to represent its business and distinguish itself from other brands.

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