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Types of Logo Designs

Logo design has become the most critical part of the business and promoting industries. A good logo should always be to get people’s attention by being memorable and straightforward. As behind the emblem, there is always something unique as your logo tells your brand’s story. Why do you need a unique logo design? Your logo is your first interaction with new customers, so get it correctly. Even though they are all, a combination of typography and images, each type of logo gives your brand a unique feel. Therefore, you need to be specific about what kind of logo you want, and here we have discussed all types of logo designs.

Monogram Logos or Letter Marks

A logo consists of two or more letters, mixed and joint in a very creative way but very distinctively merged is monogram logo. These letters should give the same meaning, but the logo consists of two different letters. You cannot just choose any two letters, but it includes some tricks and tips with all critical parts elements as the text of a monogram logo which makes it stand out from other symbols

Have you noticed the patterns of brands like IBM, HP, CNN, and HBO?

These brands have more prominent names than just these few letters, and they are just the initialisms. For example, do you know what an international business Machine Corporation is? No, let’s take a look at this question in another way.

Do you know IBM? Yes, that’s the purpose of the monogram logo. You can remember these short letters more quickly than a long phrase, and it helps to streamline company brands even if they have a significant name.
Now after selecting the initials or letters, here comes another thing, FONT. It’s essential to choose the font of these letters as they will cover the theme of your company’s brand and be printed on your business card. If you are at the initial stages in the market, you need to add the full name of your company so that people can recognize you.


Wordmarks include the full name of the company instead of symbols, icons, or members, but it works great only when a business has a distinct and succinct name. So the firms who choose wordmarks logos name themselves memorable and catchy.

Take a look at different brands that are not new to the world and created great history with wordmark logos. Colgate, Disney, coca-cola, Google, hallmark, and the New York Times are wordmarks. Their fonts are different, and when combined with sturdy typography, the logo helps the brand stand out from the crowd.
Because the attention will be on your name, you should choose a font — or design one — that expresses the spirit of what your company does. Fashion labels, for example, utilize crisp, attractive typefaces that feel high-end, whereas legal or government institutions nearly usually use conventional, “heavier” text that feels secure.

Pictorial Mark

It is usually referred to as iconic marks and is an illustration of brand metaphor. To promote the brand culture and to enhance anthropomorphic potential, pictorial marks are used as a logo. However, an authentic brand mark is only an image, making it difficult for new brands to use.
Pictorial marks need no description to tell what they are promoting or the brand’s name. So let’s take a look at a brand that uses the graphic mark logo method.

Terry Heckler created the iconic Starbuck emblem by poring over old marine texts until he came up with a design. It is circular, and a new form of its logo includes the feature of an enlarged siren with no stars and a wordmark.

Abstract Mark Logo

There are many types of logo designs an abstract mark is a symbolic logo that conveys a bid idea and often embodies strategic ambiguity. It works great for the company’s numerous and unrelated divisions.

When we look at Nike Shoes, it shoes the best use of the abstract mark logo. Using this type of logo, you can attribute meaning and cultivate emotion around your brand without relying on the cultural implications of a specific image, unlike the pictorial mark.


Here is also types of logo design an emblem is a type of logo in which the company name is inextricably connected to a pictorial element. It looks good as an embroidered patch. The burger kind logo shows the best use of the emblem type logo. Emblem conveys the idea of quality, longevity, and reliability.

What type of logo should you use?

When you have researched all types of logo designs, you are still wondering what kind of logo best matches your brand is? Then here we also have the solution for this problem of yours. It would help if you found some answers by researching to create a professional and seamlessly fit logo for your brand. Then, follow steps like the real motive behind the logo design, check the competition, select color, and font with the right typography. Then you are all ready to go for the next step after designing your logo to reach the top.


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