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Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Benefits as Per Astrology

There are nine types of Gemstones known as Navratna. The Gemstone yellow sapphire can be regard as the most ominous useful stone. Other names of it include Yellow Pukhraj, Push Raja, Gururatna, Guruvallabh and Peet mani. it is of particular importance in Astrology. This stone is believed to contain the power of planet Jupiter.

Jupiter is the most massive planet out of the nine within the solar system, which is why the it (also known as Yellow Pukhraj is imparted with unique powers that distinguish it from other gems. You should ensure the authenticity of the gemstones with our expert astrologer, so that you reap all the benefits of the gemstone.

The source for Yellow Sapphire is located in India, Kashmir, USA, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Srilanka.

Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks that come with Wearing it.

1. Are there any astrological advantages of wearing the Yellow Sapphire?

The yellow Sapphire is the stone that is associated with the solar system Jupiter. Jupiter is the symbol of money and prosperity, and it also blesses those who wear this gem with wealth and wisdom. It also assists in gaining more peace and tranquility. It aids the user to be well-organize, defining goals of their lives and attaining them, as well as making good decision.

You can browse Gemstones online to find the finest quality and authentic Yellow Sapphire Price.

2. What changes will you notice in your personal life of people after the wearing of it ?

  1. A) By wearing the Yellow Pukhraj, you can keep yourself safe from evils and gain satisfaction and material happiness.
  2. B) If you’re female, it will provide you with a beautiful and prosperous groom and heirs, love joy, happiness in your marriage and conjugal satisfaction in your married life.
  3. C) Yellow Pukhraj improves your capacity to handle your goals. It assists you in making proper decisions, keep discipline, define your objectives of your life, and achieve the highest level of success.
  4. D) You will be able to experience the rare pleasure of life which is strength, success, and intelligence friendship when you wear it.

5. E) You will bless with the gift of a child fame, wealth, and knowledge.

3. Who is the ideal person to be wearing it ?

  1. A) Jupiter is consider as Guru in Hinduism. If you’re an advocate or judge, lawyer or teacher, scholar, or writer, you can gain immense benefits from your job through wearing it or Yellow Pukhraj.
  2. B) Jupiter is consider as the planet of wisdom and judgment and therefore is a great option for you if you are authors, academics traders, artists and writers.
  3. C) If you are in business related to textile, dairy yarn, finance, or any business that is related to creative products, this stone is beneficial.
  4. D) Yellow Sapphire is beneficial for cinematographers as well as the production teams and the filmmakers of the films.

4. Which ailments can be treated with the Yellow Sapphire?

  1. A) Wearing it or Pukhraj you can treat the ailments that are related to mouth, kidney cough, fever, and Rheumatism.
  2. B) Wearing Pukhraj you can reduce the body fat.
  3. C) You can treat problems that are related to the throat and skin.
  4. D) You can treat the congestion in your brain and improve the flow of blood.

5. E) The Pukhraj is also a protection against accidental death.

6. F) It lowers the frequency of your anger and ability to be angry.

5. Which ascendants should you wear Yellow Sapphire?

The basic rule is that people born with Sagittarius as well as Pisces ascendant signs should be wearing yellow sapphire. Aries ascendants can also wear yellow sapphire because it boosts their wellbeing and wealth. People born in the Aquarius ascendant as well as Scorpio ascendant are also able to have yellow sapphire. Yellow Sapphire is beneficial for Cancer ascendant since it offers with grace and protection.

6. Which ascendants shouldn’t be worn Yellow Sapphire?

  1. A) Taurus ascendants should wear Yellow Sapphire is your Jupiter is locate on the third, first and ninth house , else it is not recommend to wear it.
  2. B) Gemini ascendant should never wear yellow sapphire since Jupiter marks the shin. He is also the patron in the seventh as well as the tenth houses.
  3. C) Capricorn should never wear Yellow Sapphire.
  4. D) Virgo ascendants should not wear more than four or five carats when combined with other gems to achieve greater results.

7. Yellow Sapphire will provide relief from the malefic effects of which planet, and the Maha Dasha?

It is believe that Jupiter is consider as the most beneficial planet . wearing it can counteract the negative effects that comes from Jupiter as a planet on your Horoscope and birth chart.

  1. B) If you find that your Jupiter is in an insufficient position in your horoscope, wearing it could strengthen it.
  2. C) Yellow Sapphire countered the effects of the Dasha of Jupiter.

8. What, when, where, how and What kind of Yellow Sapphire should be worn?

  1. A) It should have at least 4 carats. The band should be made of gold.
  2. B) If you’re not able to purchase gold, you can design rings of Punch-Dhatu which is a mixture of five different metals.
  3. C) Yellow sapphire must be place in the fingers of your right hand within the first hour after sunrise time. It is possible to wear it at home and perform certain rituals where puja is perform regularly.
  4. D) If you are less than 23 years old, you must wear yellow sapphires that weigh 5 carats.
  5. E) If you are beyond 23 years old, you should wear yellow sapphires of five to seven carats.
  6. F) Yellow sapphire should not be rough brake, crack, spot or web.
  7. G) It is possible to cleanse the sapphire and make it active placing it for 20-30 minutes in honey, milk and water that is pure. After that, you must to ignite five sticks of incense while chanting names of Guru Dev and pray to Guru Dev. After that, you should take the rings made of honey, milk, or whatever you put in the dips and make an incense round. Place the stick. Place it on the ring 11 times. Chant the your mantra Om Brahm Bruhaspatiye Namah or Om Gurave Namah and put it on your index finger of your right hand.

8. H) You could get negative results If you use poor quality and shoddy stones.

9. What are the possible side negative effects of Yellow Sapphire?

  1. A) You might be afraid of thieves If you wear a Pukhraj that has cracks.
  2. B) If the Pukhraj you have has the appearance of milk, it could be a source of dangerous progenitors or damage on your own body.
  3. C) When you are wearing yellow sapphire that has an asymmetrical form, it could cause you to be curse.
  4. D) If the Pukhraj you have is dull or appears opaque, you might be suffering from family issues or issues of your adversaries.
  5. E) You could be in an issue every time you have a defective yellow sapphire.

6. F) Your wealth could be destroy if the it is mark with one dot.

10. How long does yellow sapphire exhibit effects?

  1. A) The effects of yellow sapphire begins in just 30 days, and lasts for four years, and then after that , it ceases to be active.
  2. B) It is recommend to replace the stone following activation.

11. Which finger’s do you think yellow sapphires should be worn?

Yellow sapphire is to be place on the index finger of the right hand.

12. What are the advantages that come from Ceylon yellow sapphire?

  1. A) Ceylon it are originate from Srilanka. The stones are lighter yellow and have a flexible.
  2. B) Ceylon it help you improve your communication abilities and expressions. It can also help you increase your creative abilities.


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