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Wooden Flooring Types and Options for 2022

The wooden flooring trends have constantly changed in the past years, and every year, a particular wood flooring material stands out. 2022 is just a few days away, and we can’t stop thinking about which material will grab the highlight in the flooring world.

After a lot of market research, we figured out that in 2022, the classical wooden flooring will be in trend. That is why we have penned down this blog to tell you about the 7 types of wooden flooring you must consider in 2022.

Best Types of Wooden Flooring Options to Consider in 2022

#1 Engineered Hardwood Flooring –

Other than actual solid hardwood, Engineered Hardwood is the closest thing you can get to natural hardwood. It has a premium attached underlayment, making it perfectly durable for every corner of your house.

Also, this wooden flooring option has a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or high-density fiberboard (HDF) core supporting the plank.

Lastly, engineered wood is super easy to install yourself! 

#2 Reclaimed Wood – 

As the name suggests, Reclaimed Wood means reusing old building materials and is therefore environmentally responsible. Often coming from timbers, decking and barns – reclaimed wood has a naturally distressed look. 

This wooden flooring has a history, which is why it is a stylish and popular choice to decorate and enhance modern homes and commercial premises.

In short, this rare to find wooden flooring material will be a trend that sticks around for a decade.

#3 Bamboo Flooring –

Another wooden flooring type is bamboo flooring which is made of compressed and strand-woven bamboo. As the bamboo grows much faster than the other tree species, it becomes highly environmentally friendly. 

The best thing about this bamboo flooring is that there’s no need for professional help to install it. It’s super easy to install and looks great, also, comes with a warranty of 25 years, what else do you want?

#4 White Oak Wood

If you are looking for a budget-friendly wooden flooring option In 2022, then White Oak Wood flooring is the right choice for you. This stylish wood flooring with a cleaner grain creates a beautiful and contemporary aesthetic in your home and commercial space.

Also, white oak flooring is extremely attainable and stylish with a versatile colour palette. It has personality and a cleaner grain than your typical hardwood, creating beautiful variation and a contemporary aesthetic. 

In a nutshell, white oak wood flooring is a timeless species that is not going out of style soon. 

#5 Hand Scraped Wood

Last but not least in this list is Hand Scraped Wood floors with scraped and knots is one-of-a-kind. This wood flooring has a rustic and fully-finished look as it is scraped by hand before the planks are varnished with oil or lacquer.  

You will also notice that no two planks are the same because each plan has been hand scraped individually. In addition to this, it is painless to clean this wood flooring.

So don’t wait. Amp up your home value with the unique hand-scraped wood floors! 

#6 Cork Flooring

This multilayered tiled flooring is made from bark of oak trees, where the top most layer is super quality cork, middle layer is fiber board and bottom layer is made of compressed cork which makes it good option for store houses, Indore sports of gym flooring

This wooden flooring type is famous for its soft feel, warmth and sound insulation and is a natural antimicrobial material. 

#7 Parquet Flooring

This multipurpose decorative and super stylish wooden flooring option is available in both solid hardwood and engineered wood. 

Parquet wooden flooring is made with strips of hardwood which amplifies its texture and gives an aesthetic look to the place where it’s installed. 

Wooden flooring is considered to be the best type of flooring in terms of looks, durability, sustainability and eco-friendliness. These 7 types of wooden flooring are the most common flooring options which are trusted by engineers and architects for domestic as well as commercial use. Among the above mentioned 7 wooden floor types, bamboo floors are considered as the most sustainable and eco-friendly. 

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