Wish to Play Carrom? Here are Some Hacks You Should Keep in Mind

Carrom is a sport that has garnered a mixed reaction of love and hate from all players across the globe. The game is a miniature version of billiards and has evolved into the present compact game after years of evolution since ancient times. At present, you can find carrom in every household in India enjoyed by individuals across the globe.

To play carrom, you must have a plan of attack and defense. When you start playing, your secondary job is to keep the opposition in check. Make sure that the rival is not given any free chances of attack as if they are skilled enough, then they would try to end the game at the earliest opportunity they get. In such positions, when facing a formidable rival, you should always keep a bunch of hacks and tricks up your sleeve to get you out of tough spots and grab the win.

Let’s check out some popular carrom hacks that will affect your game and give you more reasons to spend more time on the board.

Center Cut

This is one of the most crucial shots in the game. To master this, you need to have an elite understanding of the angle and practice this numerous times on your own to get the perfect shot. The center cut is a good strategy for reaching your coins slowly and precisely into the pocket, as the coins in the middle are the farthest away from any pocket on the board.

The ideal job as a player is to practice it a lot when you have the board to yourself, as it is one of the best shots that can change the game in an instant if you can execute it correctly.

Cut and Take

This is another way to drop a coin into the pocket and simultaneously find your next prey. To master the technique, you need to understand the laws of carrom and think of potentially incredible shots. It also helps if you have an excellent idea about geometry since this strategy is about hitting the right angle with the proper force. Ideally, the striker touches the coin and drops it in the pocket, deflecting it back to your next side of play, endowing you a chance to score a second coin. Your initial aim should be to drop at least the first coin so that if you miss, you can continue the streak and take control of the game.


Target Red Early

You may think you’ll try scoring the red coin later in the day, but the day may never arrive. The red coin is a decisive factor in the final score calculation, and it should be imperative to seize the piece early in the game. If you keep the red for later, the game may stretch for a long time and eventually get out of hand. And since you don’t have a lot of options for cover later in the game, you are bound to end up with fouls and uncertainties. Thus, the best tip is to grab the red and cover it early so that even if you lose, you will give up fewer points as the red of the match belongs to you.

Board Shot

This shot requires a lot of expertise and experience in carrom. It is similar to a bank shot but not quite so much in its type of execution. To understand the board shot, you need to angle perfectly on the sides of the board so that it rebounds back to coins that were earlier out of your range, yet you wanted to hit them. This is a suitable method of confounding the opponent so that they stay perplexed until your shot hits the target. Using this method, you can oppose most strategies they might have plotted regarding pocketing their coins.

Shooting A Base

The base requires more expertise and demands a steady mindset that is essential for every shot you play under the line. The perfect way to play a base is using your thumb or index and the middle finger together so that less force is used. The mistake players make using force is they forget to be precise. The hack is to always hit out of the direction of the pocket. If you keep this in mind every time you play, your game will improve, and you will suffer fewer chances of making a foul and scoring these coins quickly.

Avoid Fouls

The key to playing a decent game is not getting any fouls. If a foul occurs in the game, your scored coins need to be put up again on the board, which delays the entire game. The main funda is to aim away from the pockets at an angle and play the striker slowly so that the rebounds do not make the striker drop into a pocket and cause you more trouble.

Final Words

Play to your advantage by making the most of your attacks. If you get to hit first, ensure pocketing as many whites as possible. Once you pocket a few white pieces, your opponent will already be under pressure. A good beginning is all you need to ensure you build a psychological impact on your opponent. Any game is as much about keeping the nerves steady as it is about playing the actual game. The game of mind is as important as the game being played with your rival. These tricks surely tick all the right boxes, and you must master them at the earliest to play carrom correctly.

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