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Why Should Use Keepvid Downloader ?

Downloading videos from youtube is no more trouble now, you won’t find any unwanted ads or redirecting issues. Yes, we have brought an authentic ultimate video downloader which is called Keepvid, it is the one and only genuine youtube video downloader, which allows you to download videos from the YouTube platform.

Keepvid is ultimate because it provides so many features and solutions to your downloading problems. If you are looking for a fast and secure downloader, then keepvid is the best choice, it will download your videos within a minute and won’t charge you any cost. Using keepvid, you got the freedom to use all the features and options that too without any premium membership. Yes, you heard right, online other multimedia platforms, where everyone irritates that user for subscription, keepvid is freely available. It won’t tell you to buy any subscription plans.

The best part of keepvid is, that you don’t have to download it or install any software for it. You can easily use it in your browser. It is perfectly compatible with all operating systems, whether it is Windows, IOS, or Android.  Keepvid downloader is perfectly suitable for all devices like smartphones, tablets, or PC. So you can easily use it anywhere or on any device. So give it a try, it’s really an ultimate video downloader as well as 100% safe and secure. While downloading videos from YouTube, we can have a lot of copywriting issues, because of the owners copywriting issues, YouTube doesn’t provide direct downloading of any video into the devices as it might harm security policies. Keepvid takes care of all security issues and keeps in mind that, not to download any content, which may harm the security of a website as well as our user. That’s why maintaining security is the first priority for keepvid. We don’t allow any unverified user to download videos

Let’s have a look at Keepvid’s various options and features

  • Keepvid 480p downloader – 480p is the standard video quality, many broadcasting channels prefer it best quality options. Therefore keepvid allows you to download videos in various qualities like 480p, 1020p, 720p and etc. with high quality
  • Keepvid Mp3 converter – Mp3 is the standard audio format, keepvid mp3 converter lets you to extract audio from the video and convert it into video format like Mp3 Mp4 etc.
  • YouTube Video Downloader – Keepvid youtube video downloader lets you download the videos from youtube in premium quality with just one click. Moreover, you are free to download unlimited videos from keepvid downloader.
  • Instagram Video Downloader – Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms with millions of users at a time. It offers a lot of features and options like reels, IGTV, stories, etc. So with the help of an Instagram video downloader, you can download reels, IGTVs, stories, etc within a minute.
  • Facebook Video Downloader – Like Instagram, Facebook is also the biggest social media platform, offering various options to entertain their user and keep them updated with the latest trends. By using the keepvid video downloader, you can download facebook shorts, stories as well as videos.

How to download Videos from Keepvid?

  1. Open your favorite video on YouTube, that you want to download, just copy the URL of the video.
  2. Just go to site and paste the URL on the search bar and hit go
  3. You will see the various options to download videos from youtube just click on your required options and start downloading. The further process will start by itself only.

So Isn’t keepvid is awesome and easy to use

Advantages of Keepvid 

There are plenty of advantages of using keepvid, Just look at some

  1. It is open-source, freely available
  2. Compatible with all browsers
  3. Compatible with all device
  4. 100% safe and secure
  5. Comes with various options and features
  6. Offers you unlimited downloads
  7. Supports 1000+ sites to download
  8. Maintain security and privacy
  9. Browser oriented
  10. No software installation required

If you are facing trouble while using keepvid on the browser then you can try the keepvid Bookmarklet, which is extremely lite-weight and takes less storage on your device. While using the keepvid bookmarklet, you just have to add that extension to your browser and while downloading just click on that extension and the other process will start by itself. While using a bookmarklet, you don’t need to copy the URL and paste it on anywhere. As those steps are skipped, downloading becomes fastest than before.

Keepvid supports not limited sites, in fact, it supports 1000+ sites to download videos and provides you unlimited downloads. With keepvid, you can have unlimited downloads from any site.

Keepvid Downloader For PC

Keepvid online video downloader is perfectly suitable with any operating system like Windows or IOS, but mainly it is suitable with windows 10. If you don’t want to install or download any app then you can try an offline software downloader, which is available for free. Although it is not fully offline, because you will need an internet connection while downloading videos from youtube, you can use it as well. It is the best alternative to keepvid.

 MP3 Converter

Keepvid mp3 converter lets you download youtube videos into audio means you can convert the song of any video into an audio format like mp3, or mp4 and you can watch it offline.

 subtitle downloader 

Yes, you heard right, the keepvid subtitle downloader enables you to download the video and audio as well as subtitles too, it is a free tool that downloads and edits the youtube subtitles too. you can download the metadata as well. Like album name, singers name. you can get the whole detail of the video in a minute. It has same steps like downloading – find out the video that has subtitles and then click on download. You will get to see a new button to load, just click on that button and press the button for 10-15 seconds maximum to convert your video into mp4 and subtitles. After converting, the downloading process will start by itself.

So if you have to find the keepvid downloader awesome, then please try it once

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