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Why MEAN stack is the new market leader

The term ‘Stack’ in software development implies software programming languages and products meant to create intellectual mobile and web applications. Such work is accomplished by any good front-end development company with expertise in stacks. For better output, the developers now implement a combination of various techniques for a quicker and dynamic process. 

These technologies are meant for web development processes. For example- the technology of LAMP is an acronym of Linux (it is an operating system), Apache (a webserver), MySQL (database management system), and Python/PHP/PERL (it is a server-side scripting language). 

What is MEAN Stack?

It is a novel technology stack that has become very popular among developers due to its several useful features for web development. 

‘MEAN stack, unlike LAMP stack is an acronym for MongoDB (a database system), ExpressJS (a backend web framework), AngularJS (front-end framework), and NodeJS (it is a backend runtime environment).’

Role of different frameworks in MEAN stack

  • MongoDB

Hiring services from a front-end development company is the best way to get hold of these stacks and put them to the best use. 

This framework stores an ample amount of the application’s data. Both application and database use Javascript; hence the need for translation ceases to exist when it moves within the software. MongoDB is very good at managing massive amounts of information. It’s simple to use and work. 

  • ExpressJS

This framework serves the purpose of backend support for the MEAN stack application. Being of minimalist nature, it acts as a chain for smooth transfer of data and avoids overwriting variables. 

  • AngularJS

It has a front-end framework that is used for the development of the client-side application. AngularJS gives access to many easy-to-use templates. 

  • NodeJS

This framework is scalable with good support to millions of connections. Also, it is found to be compatible with low-resource requests. 

Why choose MEAN stack over LAMP stack?

There has been a growing demand for this technology among the developers and IT companies are switching roles as front end development companies due to its benefits:


With MEAN stack technology, testing the applications on cloud platforms becomes easier. It allows us to build, examine and introduce newer applications with ease. Its MongoDB framework offers full-cluster support.

  1. Affordable

The total number of developers required to develop the MEAN stack is much lesser compared to other stacks. It is cost-effective that requires developers to have proper JavaScript proficiencies.

  1. Compatible with Cloud

In MEAN stack web development, the front-end development company uses public repositories and libraries, thereby bringing down the development cost. The presence of the MongoDB.js framework facilitates the amalgamation of cloud functionalities which in turn minimizes disk space cost.

  1. Single-use Language 

JavaScript is the main technology in both client-side and server-side. This makes this stack very easy to learn for the developers. So the developers need to excel one language i.e. JavaScript for all the products from Angular (presentation layer) to MongoDB (database). 

  1. Open-source

In the MEAN stack, all technologies are open-source. So the developers have access to codes for every technology and can change it as per the requirements. This stack is helpful for professional as well as personal use. 

  1. Fast and re-usable

MEAN stack development is more powerful with great speed. The non-blocking architecture of AngularJS, Node.js, JavaScript offers better testability, reusability, and maintenance. Being code-less, it provides browser freedom and simultaneous blending with HTML. 

  1. Debugging

As there is single language usage across different layers, it becomes easy to find the execution thread. Developers may witness the event of data manipulation.

  1. Worldwide community support

A large community across the globe supports the this technology. You can easily solve any error or complex code..


It is the latest, dynamic, and innovative technology with many benefits and lucrative features in the offering. This makes it the market leader and first choice of any good front-end development company.

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