Why Is ReactJS the Best Bet for Startups?

The dynamics of front-end development languages are continually evolving. Thus, startups have to adapt to the rapidly changing trends to sustain themselves in the market. Since these technologies are evolving, business owners have to match their pace and advance their application’s growth to enhance features. Now the question that pops up in every entrepreneur dealing with a digital product is – which technology can quickly adapt to the market changes. Well, there’s an array of front-end technology to choose from. However, the best remains ReactJS. 
Most business owners managing their service/product-based applications prefer to hire ReactJS developers to manage or build their applications in an optimized way. 

Even though JavaScript constantly changes, ReactJS poses a calm harbour for entrepreneurs and developers, thanks to its stability. 

Why choose ReactJS for development?

ReactJS is a popular open-source library based on JavaScript. The library allows businesses to develop an application that’s rich in interactivity, intuitiveness and user engagement. Developers and business owners can use ReactJS to create websites and mobile applications with an interactive and fast UI. 

With ReactJS, startups can create dynamic and effective websites and mobile applications efficiently. 

What’s more? ReactJS enjoys its fair share of popularity due to its user-centric and attractive small-scale and large-scale industry solutions. 

Why is ReactJS the most attractive front-end framework for startups in 2021? 

The market is filled with a wide range of technologies, all promising to offer the best services. In this wide range of options, entrepreneurs are often confused about whether or not to choose ReactJS as the front-end technology of their application. 

Lucky for you, we have amalgamated the best features of ReactJS that contributes to its popularity among tech giants such as Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn, The New York Times, etc. 

Here are the features: 

  • Code reusability:

Code reusability is one of the most notable features of ReactJS. With this brilliant feature, a developer can reuse the chunks of codes or specific components to deliver a high performing application while reducing efforts and development time. 

Once you finalize your ReactJS developers for hire, they can analyze your existing codes and reuse the relevant ones for optimized app development and delivery. 

  • Easy to use: 

ReactJS consists of a simple structure. The simplicity is such that it offers minimal coding efforts and allows developers to craft engaging and interactive UI for mobile and web applications. This provides the needed boost to your business by launching a high-quality application for your users. 

  • Easy to declare:

With ReactJS, developers can easily modify a specific component or segment of the application without hampering the functioning of the entire app. Thanks to the open-source library – ReactJS, it is possible to modify and upgrade the application seamlessly. 

  • SEO friendly:

Users often trust the website, business, or blog that tops the search engine ranking on Google or Bing. However, achieving a dignified SEO position is not something every company can easily accomplish. It takes knowledge, industry experience, and continued efforts to reach within the top ten spots on a specific keyword. 

However, entrepreneurs who build their websites with ReactJS get an edge over other competitors who use different technology. How? ReactJS holds a reputable position when it comes to being SEO friendly. Its quality allows fast rendering, thus reducing the page load time. SEO is the key to grab visibility, and ReactJS is the lock. The technology enables search engine crawlers to access heavy JavaScript applications, thus increasing user traffic. 

  • Code Stability:

ReactJS works on a single-way data flow, therefore, allowing code stability. Code stability is a simple yet efficient code modification process that prevents disparity between components when a specific code is updated or modified. This implies that when you hire ReactJS developers, they can change a particular part of your application without hampering the working of any other app component. 

Thus, the driving factor for startups choosing React JS development is consistent app performance. 

  • Developer toolkit:

ReactJS offers a browser extension for both the major browsers- Google and Firefox. Apart from this, it is also equipped with some of the best designing and debugging tools. These tools are an integral part of the “React Developers Tools” that are easy to access and use. 

This is the most advantageous feature of ReactJS development as it allows easy and seamless coding. With the efficient library, developers can observe the reactive component libraries and figure out the parent and child components while checking their current props and states. 

  • Easy Migration:

Entrepreneurs often wish to migrate to new technology to upgrade their existing tech stack. However, migrating to a whole new technology could be exhausting and require your developer to re-write all the code. Migration can create a hassle involving a heavy investment of time and funds. 

Fortunately, ReactJS allows adding on the required codes within the existing infrastructure effectively without hampering the application’s current working. Therefore, app performance is never an issue, even if you migrate heavy data in your ReactJS application. 

  • Compatible with React Native: 

Even if you are a startup currently, it does not mean that you would not need to expand your business in the future. ReactJS applications are future-proof since they are compatible with the most popular hybrid app development framework – React Native. 

In case your mobile app currently caters to Android, you can quickly expand to iOS anytime in the future by shifting your app’s components using the effective hybrid framework.


The demand for reactjs developers for hire is significantly increasing with time. This is because the popularity and efficiency of React JS are unbeatable in the market. The above pointers are clear indicators of how incredible the framework is. If you are a startup looking to make a debut in the cutthroat competitive market, React JS is your superior technology. Look for a suitable developer who understands your project niche and holds relevant experience. Once you find the right developer for your app, start heads on with your React JS project. 

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