Why Double Door Haier Refrigerators is Perfect for Your Home

Buying a double-door refrigerator makes sense for those who have a big family and have 8-10 members. If you plan to buy a refrigerator, why not try your hands on a Haier double-door fridge this time. The specialty of the Haier double door refrigerator is that it gives you more space, and it is known for its high-speed performance in the market.

Haier is a Japanese company that is known for the production of electronic appliances suitable for everyday use. When it comes to the fridge, it is one of the best companies loved by Indian people and worldwide. The best thing about the Haier refrigerators is that they use upgraded technology and are known for their smooth functioning.

Why is Double Door Haier Refrigerators Perfect for Your Home?

Here are some reasons that can convince you that double door Haier Refrigerators is Perfect for Your Home:

  1. Spacious: This refrigerator has a double door, one for the freeze and the other for the freezer. The reviews say this refrigerator can hold 250 to 300 liters of items. The Haier double door refrigerators are suitable for the family having large numbers of members. You get a separate door for the freezer, which is helpful for deep freezing as you don’t have to open the freezer every time you want to open the fridge.
  2. Cooling effect: The cooling effect of this refrigerator is super-efficient so that one can chill any beverage without any difficulty. The freezing time is also very less, and it chills the items quickly. You can also adjust its shelves. Because of the larger size of the refrigerator than usual single door refrigerators, the energy consumption is quite high, but its special features are worth spending the money on. Haier refrigerator uses frost-free cooling technology, and its electric fans distribute the cooling effect uniformly. The cold air also can be regulated with these fans, so you do not need to defrost it. So, it is much better than direct cooling technology used in single-door refrigerators.
  3. Easy to clean: Being bigger, it usually covers more area in the kitchen. But cleaning is super-easy with this freezer because of its auto-clean feature. So instead of the huge size and weight, cleanliness will not be a huge problem.
  4. Budget-Friendly: The double-door Haier refrigerators are a little more expensive than the single-door refrigerators because of the number of special in-built features. Compared to other double-door refrigerators, Haier fridges are less expensive. They range between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000. They are one of the most popular brands of refrigerators in India. It has also got positive responses from its customers.

Some double door Haier refrigerators model perfect for home:

Haier HRF 2674BS R Refrigerator:

This model of double-door Haier refrigerator comes with a capacity of 24L. So if you are someone looking for a spacious refrigerator suitable for 4-5 people, this one is best for you in a budget-friendly price range. It works on a 360-degree cooling system that keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh for days. The cooling system also helps in regulating the humidity inside the fridge and ensures uniform cooling.


  • Capacity: 24L
  • Defrost type: Frost free
  • Weight: 59kg
  • Price: Rs. 18,720
  • Dimension: 1492mm*548mm*407mm
  • Haier HRB 3404BS-R refrigerator:

If you search for a simple refrigerator with exclusive features for all the special features, this model is best for you. This is perfect for a family having 7-8 members, including older adults. This bottom-mounted double door refrigerator reduces the chance of bending by 90%, making it perfect for elder family members. It comes with a capacity of 320L. It is considered one of the best refrigerators in India.


  • Capacity: 320L
  • Defrost type: Frost free
  • Weight: 69kg
  • Price: Rs. 28,990
  • Dimension: 1600mm*595mm*642mm
  • Haier HRF 2784PFG-E Refrigetaor:

This five-in-one refrigerator helps you to convert the whole refrigerator into a freezer whenever you need it. It is the best feature of this model of Haier refrigerator.


  • Capacity: 235L
  • Defrost type: Frost free
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Price: Rs. 27,149
  • Dimension: 1560mm*548mm*615mm

Haier is known for its premium range of refrigerators. Apart from the other variety of Haier refrigerators, This is an affordable double-door refrigerator. The latest double door fridge comes with smart features like smart cooling that helps in keeping food fresh for many days. So if you are in doubt about which refrigerator is good for you, try your hands once on a Haier double door refrigerator. 

In addition to the budget-friendly price, you can also get extra off on these refrigerators when bought from Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. They have amazing EMI options available on Haier refrigerators in general and all other appliances in general. They give EMI options with zero down payments. You can divide the amount into easy EMIs according to your convenience.

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