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Why does the Setek wifi extender not accept Passwords?

The setek wifi extender boosts up the network range 2500sq ft in the dead zone. You can get two advanced antennas on this device. You can also connect the setek wifi extender with the 15 devices. This repeats the network very smoothly and smartly. So, that’s why you can’t face internet issues in the dead zone and enjoy your internet and work with this device. This device’s frequency is 2.4GHz and the speed is 300 Mbps. The Setek wifi extender provides you with different modes. This repeater’s weight is only 40g. The Setek wifi extender Manufacturer’s Part Number is SE-01. The setek wifi extender Dimensions (L x W x H) is 1.00 x 3.00 x 2.00 Inches. This extender setup is one click with the WPS button. You also get a smart signal indicator.

Where to locate the Setek wifi extender for good internet?

For good internetwork, you set the extender in the middle of the router and computer or laptop. if your router was on the ground floor, and computers are on the second floor, you can locate your extender on the first floor. But make sure your setek wifi extender network range connects to the router. If you can’t set it this way, locate your device in another place but the network range connection is very important. Your Setek wifi extender setup is successfully located. If you can set your extender in this way.

How to connect the Seket wifi extender with the computer network? 

This process I am telling you step by step. If you want to connect your seket wifi extender with the computer network so follow me.

Make sure when you will connect your repeater with the ethernet cable then the device will switch to bridge mode.

    • Step1: Plug the extender on the wall in a switchboard and power on the extender. You also connect your computer with the LAN or ethernet cable.
    • With LAN and ethernet, you plug one side of the cable in the repeater and the other side on the computer and laptop. After this, all processes will be the same.
    • Step2:  Also switch on the computer and open the new wifi network list on your device.
    • Step3:  Find the name of your repeater network. Then click on it and enter the password.
  • Step4: After, you will set up your device on your computer.

Setup wifi range of Seket WiFi Extender in your computer. How to set up-

Make sure: this prose you can do only after connecting your device with your system ( pc, phone, laptop, etc).

  • Open any browser in your system, and open the website of your repeater.
  • After that, click on the password and create a safe password for login into your device on your computer.
  •  You can set any password for your repeater. With your choice. It doesn’t meter passwords in digits or alphabets.  
  • Then chose a saucer wifi network for the extender. 
  • As well as set a password for 2.4GHz.
  • At last set the SSID.

Best way to log in the seket wifi extender in the pc

For login, the seket wifi extender does this.

  • First, choose any browser and open it.
  • Connect your extender network.

Note: if your repeater and router wifi network SSID has been different. So make sure your device connects together.

  • If the wifi network SSID has been the same, write the IP address on the URL bar and tab enter.
  • Then a login page is displayed in front of you. This is the repeater login page.
  • After that enter the username and password in the filer bar. If you forget the username and password, choose help and reset the login credentials.
  • Then hit the login and wait for some time.
  • After that, you can see a status page in front of you.
  • In the end, click on the setting.  
  • After this to view and adjust the repeater settings.

Why did my repeater not repeat the wifi network?

If your repeater can’t work, check this.

  • First, your device all wires are plugged correctly. Check all the wires and plugs again.
  • Also, check the LAN and ethernet cable they are working properly. Change them and then try to connect.
  • If they are woken up properly and the repeater is still not working so go to the WIFI setting and check it.
  • At last, if it is still not working, restore the extender to device settings. 
  • Then reconnect it.

So all these steps are for fixing the repeater wifi not working issue, If still you are getting issue. Need to check the extender has no physical damage and all the connected wires are attach properly and the repeater is getting enough range from your wireless router. Sometime due to server down of your internet. Can also face this kind of issues, In order to fix you can get connected with your area internet service provider.

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