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It would be generic and disingenuous to say, “Why Do You Want This Job,” or “Your organisation seems like a nice one to work for.” Such responses, which may be provided to any employer for any job in response to the question of why you want to work for us, have been heard by the hiring manager many times before.

This question can be phrased in a number of ways, such as “Why are you interested in this role?” “What drew you to this role?” and “Why do you want this job in this company?” Whatever the terminology, the interviewer wants to know why you want to work in this specific job at this specific company at this specific time. This interview question is designed to help hiring managers gauge your understanding of the business, the position, your core beliefs, your aspirations for your career, and more. Simply put, they are curious as to why your employment search brought you to this particular interview.

Therefore, be sure that your response during the interview demonstrates to the hiring manager that you are passionate, engaged, and eager to contribute greatly to the company. Explain why you really want to work there when you respond to the question. Since it takes time and money to hire new employees, use the interviewer’s question, “Why are you interested in this role?” as an opportunity to explain your reasons for applying and establish your suitability.

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How to answer, “Why Do You Want This Job?”

Here is some tips on how to effectively respond to the “Why do you want to work here?” job interview query:

1. Show your passion for the role and organisation

Consider why you want to work for this organisation in this particular capacity before responding to the question “Why Do You Want This Job?” Find out precisely why you want to work there by doing any necessary research on the organisation. Always keep in mind that people who are passionate about the organisation they work for are typically the ones that stand out from the crowd and contribute the greatest value. For both the organisation and themselves, they seek the greatest success. A hiring manager seeks candidates that genuinely care about their business and the position.

So, be sure to include the following in your “Why do you want this job?” response:

  • How well the organization’s values match your own
  • The services or goods that most thrill you
  • The responsibilities listed in the job description that most excite you
  • The organization’s most recent accomplishments that you found impressive

It’s crucial to convey your passion and enthusiasm to the hiring manager in your response, whether you have been a long-time fan of the organisation or were unaware of it before learning about this job opportunity.

Your answer should give the interviewer confidence that you are really interested in the position. By emphasising the factors that first drew you to apply, you can demonstrate this in your response.

2. Show your ambition

Additionally, your future employer wants to hire someone who will benefit the team both now and in the future. They’ll be on the lookout for someone with ambition who wants to advance and succeed in their career.

In your explanation for this portion of the question, be sure to include:

  • Your professional aspirations and how this position fits within them.
  • How do you envision your long-term relationship with the company?
  • Why do you wish to advance your career there?

However, it’s imperative to avoid giving the company the impression that this is merely a stepping stone and that you’ll go on to another employer once you’ve met your subsequent short-term professional objective. Instead, strike a balance in your response between demonstrating your ambition and avoiding suggestions that you are using the position as a stepping stone to something else.

3. Show your appreciation for the opportunity

Finish your response to “Why Do You Want This Job?” by summarising your qualifications and expressing your gratitude for being invited in for an interview. In order to make a good impression on the interviewer, act sincere and enthusiastic about the chance since this is where you are putting everything together.

Example “Why do you want this job?” answer

It’s time to put your ideas into action at this point. Here is an illustration of how to respond to why you desire the job using the format mentioned above. An illustration of what a marketing executive would say in an interview for a position in the cyber security sector is as follows:

“The field of cyber security is one that is vital, expanding, and always evolving. Over the years, I have developed a strong enthusiasm for this sector of the economy, and during that period, I have closely watched XXX as a trailblazing market leader. I am aware that you offer reliable, preventative solutions, and I routinely read your industry comments with interest. I must admit that when I learned that you were hiring for this position, I was extremely happy.

“One of the things that especially attracted to me when I first read the job description for the role was that it has a strong social media focus, which is well suited to my strengths. Although social media marketing is my main area of expertise, I am conscious that it is a profession that is constantly changing and that requires me to broaden my knowledge. Working for a cutting-edge market leader like XXX, which has a smart and effective social media strategy, will enable me to stay on top of developments and develop to my full potential by utilising the various learning and career opportunities.

In conclusion, this position and firm are a good fit for my interests, skill set, and career goals, thus I’m thrilled to be applying for this position.

A well thought out approach

An interview question like “Why do you think you are the greatest candidate for this position?” shouldn’t surprise you. Knowing exactly how to respond to this question makes sense because you already know you’ll be asked it in your upcoming interview.

Of course, the perfect response to the question “Why Do You Want This Job?” demands thorough planning and research. But if you take the time to craft a personalised, in-depth, and carefully considered response that incorporates the aforementioned components, you’ll amaze hiring managers and enable them to recognise your potential.

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