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Why Do Masses Purchase Metal Utensils Sets at a Dhanteras Festival?

And the festival season begins! After Dussehra and Karwa Chauth, Dhanteras is a festival that people look forward to before Diwali.This day is marked to pray to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber. Dhanteras, also known as Dhantrayodashi, is celebrated on the thirteenth day of Kartika Krishna Paksha.

On this day, in addition to praying to Goddess Lakshmi, people also purchase silver and gold jewelry and new cookware to welcome the arrival of Lakshmi.

Have you ever asked yourself- how this celebration has begun and why were we told to purchase metal utensils or silverware or gold on Dhanteras? Here, in this article, we are giving answers to every query.  Keep scrolling to find out!

When Dhanteras is observed?

As per the Hindu calendar, Dhantrayodashi or Dhanteras is celebrated each year on the Trayodashi date.This date is the 13th day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik.  This year this auspicious day will be celebrated on 2 November.

Why do we celebrate Dhanteras?

In Indian, Dhanteras is observed by praying to Lord Dhanvantari and purchasing new things, basically, utensils, silver, and gold.For those who want to buy such items, this day is considered a favorable day.  

The reason behind this is that people believe that silver and gold protects from negative effects and bad omen. Although, it brings good health and success.Certainly, it has a story!

Story behind Dhanteras 

According to mythology, a king, Hima’s daughter-in-law saved her husband, and he is said to have died some days after getting married. She lightened diyas and placed silver and gold jewelry and coins at their door.

The light reflected by the entire pile of coins and jewels prevented Yamraj, the King of Death, from entering their home and taking the life of the prince. Ultimately, Yamraj, who appeared in the figure of a snake, went back without hurting the prince and the family. 

Therefore, since people believe that gold and silver can protect your home from negative influences, this is why this day is considered sacred.

Accordingly, since people believe that silver and gold can protect your house from negative influences,this is why this occasion is marked as sacred.

Why purchase metal cookware at Dhanteras 

This story made people consider that jewelry can keep off evil spirits and draw good luck, so they bought jewelry. But what is the reason for buying kitchen utensils?

To believe, it is not the ornament that brings good fortune, but the brass, Kansa, silver, and copper utensils set.Fortunately, these are the cookware that gives protection from ill will.As the jewelry is similar to these materials,hence, they are believed to bring prosperity and luck. 

Kansa Thali Set
Kansa Thali Set

Though, kitchenware such as Kansa Thali Set tends to have a similar influence on wealth and health as the jewelry has. That is why they are purchased at the Dhanteras festival. 

Things to Avoid on Dhanteras

As discussed above, this festival is considered auspicious for buying utensils, silver and gold.However, there is a listing that must be avoided to purchase. Read on and find out the checklist or the do’s and don’ts to consider to avoid negativity on this day.

Avoid Exchanging Gifts

Considerably, Dhanteras is a favorable time to purchase new things. However, it is not if you are thinking of giving a gift on this day. It is not a smart decision to exchange a gift because it is considered that presenting someone something on this day offers good fortune and good vibes.

Do not purchase Iron

Because purchasing utensils is the general activity on Dhanteras, so, assure that you are not purchasing anything related to iron. The reason is that it is not considered to bring happiness and wealth. Surprisingly, purchasing utensils of steel are not marked prosperity. It is better to go for brass utensils such as Brass Round Thal on Dhanteras. 

Brass Round Thal
Brass Round Thal

Do not bring empty utensils at home-fill them

It is said that one must not bring empty utensils after buying. Filling it with food or something edible is necessary.Of course, the shopkeeper is not going to do so for you. Also, you can fill them with water before taking them. 

Do not purchase Car

Dhanteras is a festival to bring happiness and positivity to the home. So, people tend to purchase new things -most prefer buying a car. It is advised to complete the payment one prior to maintaining house positivity.

Use less amount of oil

Of course,using oil in the kitchen is important. But, on this auspicious day,it is recommended to either not use it or use it in fewer amounts.  

Do not wear or use Black color

We all know that black is known as a non-auspicious and dark color. Most people do not find it right to wear it or keep it away on religious days.On a similar page, on Dhanteras day, do not get anything of black color at home. 

Avoid using Glass Crockery

The glass itself comes with a lot of superstitions.It is related to several myths or stories in India. So,it is required to avoid using it on the sacred day of Dhanteras.

Additional Information

It is recommended to lit diyas in the southern direction of your home.People start lighting lamps on Dhanteras only,  better will be if it is done in the south direction. 

It is stated that the messenger once asked Yamraj what way he could evade untimely death. And then they said that the person who put a lamp on the south side of Dhanteras will never be afraid of early death for his life.

Because of this, people will surely light a lamp in the south on Dhanteras Day. This direction is supposed to be the direction of Yama, therefore there is a law concerning Yama praying on this day.

And for this reason,people definitely light a lamp in the south direction on the day of Dhanteras.This direction is considered to be the direction of Yama, so there is a law for Yama worship on this day.

Concluding Remarks

Dhanteras is one of the most sacred days in the Indian calendar. It is a very significant moment, known for good luck, harmony, and the profound spiritual meaning associated with it. Hence,most people prefer buying utensils on this day. So, do good and let the goddess Laxmi give her blessing to you and your family.Is there anything interesting you would like to share then comment below? Thanks for reading!


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