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Why Choose Sports Marketing Agency NYC?

It is today no secret that you can avail what you are looking for easily and fast, with just a single click. For the ones looking forward to investing in a sports sponsorship, there is a huge temptation to get in direct touch with the athletes, teams and properties, which saves both money and time. In such a hyper-connected context having a sports marketing agency in NYC is crucial.

Unfortunately, the DIY way for sports sponsorship generally falls short & what may have appeared a good idea in the starting swiftly throws up issues – from the inadequate presence of time & expertise to particulars like not being utilized to deal with contract negotiations.

This is the reason why you have a sports marketing agency in NYC. Here, we will discuss why they are still vital and why from amongst numerous sports marketing companies you can select from, you must select the appropriate sports marketing agency NYC.

When approaching a sports marketing project or sponsorship programme initially, it is tough to ensure the correct individual to speak with, what the right workflow is and what is the most efficient schedule to avail the entire thing up & functioning. Sport is a specialized scenario and to avail, sports sponsorship may take little time and sadly good funding. 

Sports marketing agencies – the correct background is the right choice

Love for a team, a community internally feels massive and there is nothing that can replace the love a fan feels when committed to a particular sports team. However, when considering business it is altogether a distinct ball game. It is crucial to take the right decision and the one that is pragmatic, solid, has reliable stats and data instead of emotion or loyalty.

Opting for the right sports marketing agency NYC can provide you with a big picture, correct info and all the required figures you require so that together a brand can see what the top-notch choice should be: what sport, what team and what athlete. As figures do not lie ever, personal loyalties or opportunities may cloud up judgement. There are times you require an impartial voice and the right sports marketing agency NYC can provide you with the same.

Sponsorship activation – go with where the heart is 

Sponsorship activation is the actual deal. Without this, sports marketing is only a sticker on a car, bike or jersey; no exploitation of the bottom-line impact, no fanbase engagement and if you are unfortunate no outcomes. So how can you ensure to get your fund’s worth from investments you made? How can you make sure you are getting the right return on investment (ROI)? On their own, athletes and teams cannot assist you to get the best out of the money you have spent purchasing marketing rights – mostly, they simply do not have the resources or time. This is why you require a sports marketing agency for digging the gold out of your sponsorship. With the appropriate sports marketing agency NYC, sponsored athletes and brands will hit streets, malls, web pages and social media and you will get the most of such a partnership you have built.

Measure the return on investment (ROI)

While awareness among brands for sure is an advantage that sponsors expect, how do they measure the awareness generated from this deal of money that is spent? And whether it is just the benefit because of the sponsorships? Marketing executives require a wider lens for articulating their sponsorship objectives and tactics, calculate all value accumulated from sponsorship and then create data-based business decisions for the future. Here are a few of the indicators you should ensure to measure the ROI.

Logo visibility 

One of the most tangible and visible values is logo visibility. It includes logos at match venues and on the players’ jerseys which are visible to spectators and also those watching the live broadcasts/match highlights online or on TV. Also, it involves logos on all promotions and advertising for tournaments throughout TV, print, outdoor, social media, online leading up to the event. Sponsor logos are even noticeably visible in all the player interviews, players’ social media posts and press conferences on their Twitter feeds or Instagram etc. Look at any match telecast/post-match interview and you would definitely notice the logos of top sponsors. 

Promotions and activation 

The next main channel for value is through promotions and activation that seek to develop brand affinity in the course of the tournament. Think about sampling kiosks & contests that give away tickets to matches, autographed merchandise, opportunities to mitigate players. These entail additional spends by brand and deliver a crucial multiplier effect to positive brand associations and brand affinity during events.

Special incentives and hospitality 

Additionally, there can be various other value channels involving hospitality and special seats for senior client executives, tickets & various other incentives for the brand’s own sales employees and teams and other money that cannot purchase experiences for crucial stakeholders.

We can consider that all of the mentioned above points should make a positive impact on brand awareness, consideration and affinity. To pull it up together, brands should take up a holistic method that blends the listed component.

Marketing mix modelling 

This is an analytical approach that looks at the relation between distinct kinds of marketing spending & sales or other corporate performance metrics to direct how every activity has affected performance. In a month & half long event such as Cricket World Cup, sponsoring brands crucially execute various activation & customer communication throughout markets to form awareness & affinity & drive in the purchase. Marketing mix modelling looks at spend & support for every activation & co-relates this with a resultant upward trend in sales for measuring the ROI and effectiveness of every activity in every market. Brands can afterwards use such insights for refining their tactics for future sponsored events.

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