Why Choose Open Lafayette Wedding Venues?

Weddings are never going to stop, and neither does the need for suitable venues. Do you know that in 2021, the US wedding services market size stood at $51.2 billion? It is all because of its convenience and benefits. 

So, if your wedding is around the corner and you are yet to finalize one of the best Lafayette wedding venues, know some benefits of going with the open ones. They offer a different feel than the banquet halls to make your day memorable. Also, find the perfect venue for your big day at the end of the piece.

Benefits Of Choosing Open Lafayette Wedding Venues


Planning a perfect wedding is never easy. There are numerous things you get confused over, and one of them is picking up a venue. Most people can’t decide whether they should go for an open area or book a banquet hall. And if you are one of those, go through these advantages of booking. An open wedding space to make the right choice:

Enjoy Natural View: Getting married surrounded by nature and the excellent view is always different than a banquet hall. You feel fresh and calm to enjoy the day to the fullest.


Have Extra Space: Another best thing about open Lafayette wedding venues is you get more space than a banquet hall. It won’t give a congested look, and your guests will enjoy the time there.


Get Enough Time: When you book a banquet hall, you will be time-bound to empty the place for the next event. But when you choose an open space, you don’t have to worry about the time limit because more people prefer indoor setups, which will benefit you.


Personalize Your Wedding Decor: Open wedding venues come with the benefit of customizing the decor according to your preference. You can ask the decorator to design the area exactly as you want, which is not possible when you decide to go for an indoor space. It is because the banquet halls have a fixed interior decor, which allows a few changes.


Saves You Money: Well, it is a cost-saving way because you won’t pay for electricity during daylight. You might also spend less on decoration when the outdoor view is excellent itself. This way, you will spend less on flowers and decorating the ceiling because there won’t be one.


Allows Great Photoshoot: There is one more reason to choose outdoor Lafayette wedding venues, and it is a great photoshoot. When you have a beautiful background with flowers, trees, sky, and nature behind you and the daylight is astonishing, you will get perfect shots. And whenever you look back at those photographs, you will feel fresh and alive again.

So, if you were confused about the venue, let these benefits help you figure out the right thing for your wedding day. And once you choose an outdoor space, we know you won’t regret it because you will have cheerful memories there to cherish forever.

But, when you do choose outdoor Lafayette wedding venues, be sure about the weather, as rain or storm can ruin the day. So, be ready with plan B if it is the rainy season there.

Who To Book For Your Big Day?


Getting in touch with La Pavillon is the best thing you can do. They have an amazing outdoor arrangement for different events. They have skilled staff to serve your guests. The food is also up to the mark, and you will love them for being within your budget.

You only need to pick up your phone and call them to discuss your requirements apart from fixing a visit before booking the space. So, what are you waiting for? Do it right away!

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