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Which is the best place to buy a home in Coimbatore and why?

Which is the best place to buy a home in Coimbatore and why?

1. Why buy a home in Coimbatore

Coimbatore’s residential market is a favored investment destination among the southern cities. IT and manufacturing jobs, proximity to strategic business destinations, and infrastructure development over the years are growing, which have contributed to the overall interest in the real estate market.

As one of the leading real estate advisory companies in India, Greenfield Properties has been bringing you information about the price trends, localities with potential, and developments that prospective homebuyers need to be aware of all needs of customers.

Our research also showed that despite the Coronavirus pandemic, latent demand grew in almost every city, Coimbatore standing no exception. If you are one of the future homebuyers in Coimbatore, here’s your chance to make the right time to buy properties for sale in Coimbatore.

2. Greenfield Properties 

Being one of the most popular and successful real-estate and infrastructure businesses in Coimbatore for years now, Greenfield Properties has an unparalleled understanding of the real estate sector of Coimbatore. Our expert team of analysts blends their in-depth knowledge of the real-estate sector with all recent developments to make regular studies on property investments in Coimbatore.

Though affordable residential properties are available under Greenfield Properties, they might miss out on rich infrastructure, facilities, and amenities offered by gated communities in other locations at an excellent price.

3. Locations

  1. Kalapatti

Kalapatti has been the most underrated location in Coimbatore for years, despite its good infrastructure and development. But what makes it better than other locations is its excellent and unrivaled growth potential soon. So far, Greenfield Properties comes with a good plot for sale in Kalapatti.

2. Saravanampatti 

While it is already close to IT giants like CTS, Amazon, etc., Saravanampatti is also on track to become a significant hub for pharma, research, and manufacturing sectors. With easy connectivity now, plenty of educational institutions, malls, and hospitals are now finding their way to Saravanampatti. So far, Greenfield Properties comes with suitable properties and villas for sale in Saravanampatti.

3. Avinashi Road

Avinashi Road is the main gateway into the city by road and from North and Eastern parts of India pass through Avinashi road. This road is also home to Educational Institutions, Major specialty hospitals, Corporate offices, Information technology parks, Shopping malls, Luxury hotels, etc., available on Avinashi road. Today, this road has become the most important arterial road in Coimbatore. In this locality, Greenfields Properties plots are available for customers.

4. Neelambur

Neelambur is located in Coimbatore city in south India. It is one of the best locations in Coimbatore. It is well connected and easily accessible from any corner of the state of Tamilnadu. Neelambur is a fast-developing area with lots of good schools and hospitals nearby. The place is full of greenery, and Greenfields Properties’ attractive projects are coming.

5. Kovilpalayam

One of the best places to live is Coimbatore. It has some of the best educational institutions nearby. There are many parks and beautiful water bodies. The beauty of the place is that you can enjoy both rural and urban life here. So this place is blessed with some of the best educational facilities. In Kovilpalayam Greenfield properties nachatra garden project is also their good land to buy for customers in Coimbatore are peoples from other states.

6. Sathy Road

One of Coimbatore’s oldest residential areas. Sathy Road is known for its rich history and heritage. This place is situated on the northern side of Coimbatore. It is one of the oldest and most developed areas of the city. People love to stay here as it is quiet and peaceful compared to other parts of the city. It is well connected by road to other districts easily. The nearest international airport is Coimbatore International Airport, only 37 km away.

7. Vilankurichi

Vilankurichi an excellent place to live in Coimbatore. Business people especially prefer it due to several educational institutes nearby. It is also a very close Codissia trade center. Many reputed educational institutes are located within a 10km radius. Greenfield Properties best plots and house for sale in Coimbatore.

4. Why Coimbatore is the best

There are two reasons for surging housing transactions in Coimbatore. First, all-time low-interest rates and second, many discount deals offered by the leading developers in buy a home in Coimbatore .

The city added over 4,500 new housing units in Q1 2022, most of which were added by the A grade developers like Greenfield Properties.

Another notable trend in Coimbatore is the emergence of peripheral locations giving more buying opportunities. There has existed a rise in the IT, Auto industries in the peripheral region.

Tamilnadu government has laid an easy way of doing business with many user-friendly policies that are very transparent and digitalized with the latest technology and infrastructure.

The state government’s efforts in building an enabling ecosystem for businesses to thrive have turned Coimbatore into a hotspot for entrepreneurs.

5. Is now the right time to buy a house?

Now that we know which city is ideal for buying a home, the question arises—is now a good time to invest in a home? “Amidst the general hesitance, stock market volatility and recent past financial sector happenings, residential real estate investment is one of the securest opportunities, albeit from a long-term viewpoint.

While stock market prices are at their peak, property prices are at their lowest best, with developers doling out multiple offers and discounts, resulting in actual price drops on the overall acquisition cost. The affordability of homes in top cities is also at its best. It is calculate to be 27% in FY21 against 53% in FY12.

Moreover, while housing prices have exist range-bound for the past 7-8 years, the pickup in demand will soon yield prices to harden once COVID-19 has stabilized. Also, there are multiple options across budget segments for investors to choose from,” adding to buy a home in Coimbatore .

6. Important Considerations

“While there are many options on the market, not all reasonable and mid-segment housing options are develope matching and must be analysis closely. There is less guesswork concern in luxury properties which, almost by definition, are set in suitable locations and by well-known developers. The landscape in the lower budget ranges is much more comprehensive and needs to be mapped carefully for the right opportunities.

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