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Which Decking Materials Have the Longest Lifespan?

There are several decking materials available on the market at a reasonable price. Those decking materials each have their own set of characteristics that set them apart. Due to the enormous number of decking materials available, it can be difficult for homeowners who are new to the world of decking to choose the perfect one. Homeowners are looking for long-lasting decking material. So, which decking is the most durable?
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Is it a wooden deck, a composite deck, or a PVC deck?

Let’s have a look at their distinct characteristics. Characteristics of Different Decking Materials A deck’s lifespan is influenced by a number of elements. What this means is that the quality of an outdoor decking material might influence how long it lasts. Durability The resistance of decking material to weather and insects determines its durability. A deck will survive the longest if it is more resistant to weather and insects, but it will not last as long if it is not.

Wood Decking 

Wood Decking 

Wood decking is one sort of decking material that has been used by homeowners to construct decks. Given that wood decking is made out of wood decking, you may assume that its durability is limited. When Mother Nature toys with wood decking, it does not function well. Wood decking will be affected by temperature changes. That instance, if it is hot outside, wood decking will expand and compress as the temperature drops. Wood decking will bend, shrink, or shatter as a result of this. Aside from natural factors, wood decking does not hold up well to insects. Termites are fast to attack and destroy wood decking.

Composite Decking 

Composite Decking 

Wood decking, on the other hand, is made entirely of wood. It’s a synthetic substance manufactured from repurposed resources like wood fiber and plastic. Wood decking is less durable than composite decking. komposittrall will outperform wood when exposed to the weather. Composite decking will not be affected by temperature changes. Your composite decking will not shrink, break, or distort as a result of this. Also, unlike wood decking, composite decking absorbs minimal moisture and does not swell. Termites will not eat wood decking, but they will eat composite decking. As a result, composite decking is one of the most durable materials available.

Why Will Composite Decking Last a Long Time?

Because composite decking is both sturdy and powerful, it will endure a long time. Aside from that, maintaining composite decking is a breeze. Furthermore, due to the material composition of composite decking, it will endure a long time.

Material Composition 

The decking’s material composition impacts how long it will survive. If the decking is composed of long-lasting materials, it will last a long time. Remember how we said that composite decking is made up of both wood and plastic? We also saw that composite decking manufacturer treat such waste materials in a plant. The final result, wood plastic composite decking, is a robust material that can withstand any pressure applied to it. If some element of nature puts pressure on it, for example, it will resist the pressure. Your composite decking will not absorb a lot of water. 

Because your wood plastic composite decking absorbs minimal humidity, it will not swell or expand in size. When the wetness dries, your composite decking will not shrink or distort. If you don’t dry swollen decking immediately, it will decay. Composite decking will not decay since it does not swell. Aside from absorbing moisture, when exposed to temperature changes, wood plastic composite decking will not shrink or crack. Although composite decking material expands, your decking will be alright provided you leave a space between the boards. Termites won’t consume the plastic wood decking, and wood-eating bugs won’t eat it either.

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride Decking

Plastic decking is another name for PVC decking. This sort of decking is entirely made of plastic. Plastic decking, like composite decking, is more durable than wood decking. When Mother Nature plays with it, it will not bend, shatter, or split. Furthermore, because plastic decking can not absorb any water, it will not swell or decay. Termites are a pest that homeowners fear because they can eat through the decking. Termites won’t be able to eat through plastic decking. This indicates that plastic decking is a long-lasting decking material.


The care you provide your decking material to keep it appropriate for outdoor activities is known as maintenance. Maintenance has an impact on how long a decking material lasts. Because you will take care of it quickly, a decking material that is easy to maintain will last the longest.

Wood Decking 

Wooden decking isn’t the most durable material. Because of the material used to build it, wood decking is difficult to maintain. Wood decking, unlike composite and plastic decking, does not have a distinct color. So, if you don’t like the natural look of wood decking, you’ll have to paint or stain it. Because paint fades rapidly, you’ll have to repaint your decking several times. As a result, you must sand, seal, stain, or paint wood decking in order to keep it in good condition. The upkeep will cost a lot of money, and you will lose a lot of time doing it.

Composite Decking 

The trä-plastkomposit decking material is the most durable. Unlike wood decking, composite decking is simple to maintain. You don’t have to paint or stain composite decking since it comes in a variety of gorgeous, timeless colors. When cleaning your composite decking, all you have to do is wipe debris off the surface with a towel. You also won’t have to spend a lot of money or effort to keep composite decking in good shape. As a result, composite decking is one of the most durable materials available.

Plastic Decking 

Plastic Decking 

The decking materials made of plastic will endure the longest. In terms of upkeep, plastic decking is identical to composite decking. Plastic decking, unlike wood decking, does not require a second coat of paint or stain. Cleaning plastic decking with a cloth is the best way to maintain it. You may also use a hose to clean your plastic decking.


Which decking material is the most durable? The long-lasting decking material is one that is both sturdy and easy to maintain. Composite and plastic decking are two decking materials that meet those standards due to their durability and ease of maintenance.

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