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What type of hair treatment? Best treatment for hair?

Do you want to do something with thin hair? The first step you should do is talk to a dermatologist or hairologist. There are lots of different types of hair treatment you can do according the type of your hair loss. They can find out the cause of your hair loss and recommend the proper treatment for you. They may suggest options that include:

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine) –
    This medicine is foam or liquid that is placed on the scalp. You can buy it without a prescription. You may need to wear it for many months before your hair begins to thicken.If your hair is restored, you will lose it again when you stop taking minoxidil.

How to use it: Twice a day and with dry hair, apply minoxidil to the scalp where hair loss has started. Then arm yourself with patience. You may not notice changes for four months or more.

  • Finasteride (Propecia) –
    This prescription drug is taken by mouth. You may need to take finasteride for months before you see the results, and if you stop taking it, you will lose new hair.

How to use it: Finasteride is a pill. It usually taken once a day. Your dermatologist may recommend taking it at the same time you use minoxidil.

    • Microneedling –
      According to the Dermatologist, devices with hundreds of small needles on the scalp can help hair grow. According to this site, studies have shown that microneedles may work better when used in combination with other Hair treatment. You can buy one of these things without medicine but first consult a dermatologist. They can tell you if it is safe for you and recommend a particular microneedle device.

How to use it:

  • For dry hair, place the derma roller on the edge where you want to target thinning hair or on the edge where you want to plant hair growth (such as the sides of the hairline or temple).
  • Slowly rotate the device over the area, first horizontally, then vertically, then diagonally. You need to apply enough pressure to feel a slight tingling through the scalp, but not enough to cause pain.
  • If there is hair in that area, move it in the direction of the hair as much as possible so that the hair is not pulled.
  • After use, be sure to rinse the rollers with warm soapy water, soak them in alcohol disinfectant and dry the tool.
  • Some people like to apply hair oil after derma rolling. For example, peppermint and casters help hair grow. You can increase absorption into the scalp until the next time you wash your hair or leave it in the oil overnight.
  • Hair transplant. This type of surgery can give you long-term results. The surgeon removes individual hair or strips of hairy skin from a portion of the scalp and transplants it into a thin or bald area.

According to the Dermatologist, the surgery takes 4-8 hours. You should discuss this with a dermatologist to find out this hair treatment Dubai is suitable for you.


  • Low-level laser treatment. Studies suggest that this scalp treatment may help with the following symptoms, according to the Dermatologist:
  • Male pattern hair loss
  • Alopecia areata
  • Chemotherapy hair loss
  • Hair healing and growth after flocking.

You may need to undergo low-level laser treatment several times a week for several months before you notice more hair.

  • Platelet-rich plasma. A dermatologist takes a portion of your blood and puts it in a machine that separates it from plasma. Next, plasma is injected into the hair loss area of ​​the scalp.

According to the Dermatologist, the entire procedure takes about 10 minutes. Most people receive therapy once a month for three months, with follow-up treatment every 3 to 6 months. There are lots of professional best hairdresser in Dubai you can choose anyone for the treatment of your hair loss.


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