What to Look for in Candidate Management Software?

Many individuals will stop the applicant tracking process several times before finding the appropriate match for their firm. A candidate management software, sometimes known as an applicant tracker system or ATS, allows you to observe where your candidates are in the recruiting process. These systems provide you with a birds-ey perspective of the process and help you comprehend the finer issues, such as time-to-hire, touchpoints, and delays.

Applicant tracking and candidate management software are all examples of ATS. HR directors and hiring teams may use modern applicant tracking tools to manage and expedite the hiring process, create talent pools, etc.

A candidate management system’s data may be used to screen, test, gather, arrange interviews, verify backgrounds, contact references, and begin the onboarding process. All applicant tracking systems will save the information about a potential candidate that people require to make the best hiring decisions possible.

Let’s now look at the things you should look for in candidate management software.

  • Management of Candidate Profiles

Is it possible to make notes on a candidate’s profile? Can you swiftly search through profiles to find the talent you’re looking for – and avoid seeing the same individuals you don’t want to hire again and again? When it comes to hiring, half the fight is getting your applicants organized, and you need to make sure your tracking helps you accomplish exactly that.

  • Omnichannel Presence

The candidate management software that you choose should incorporate every aspect of social media. Having features to post job openings and aggregate applicant data on multiple social media sites can bring outstanding results and ease the manual efforts of the HRs.

  • Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is critical when using an applicant tracking system, and we cannot emphasize this enough. Why? If you need to move swiftly on a potential applicant, you’ll need customer service that responds promptly when problems arise. How are you supposed to react if anything goes wrong?

You’re still held to exceptionally high standards, and you should demand the same from your hiring solution.

  • Candidate Search

You want an application tracking system that can also assist you in finding applicants when you’re looking for one. So it needs to be present, whether it’s a tool that allows you to search inside your applications for certain keywords, places, names, experience, and more or capabilities that allow you to source people from today’s job boards.

  • Workflow for Recruitment

Is your candidate management software assisting you in streamlining your recruiting processes? Is it possible to create your process without replacing your current system? Make certain you inquire about the product’s processes.

You may create your processor and utilize one that we’ve previously created. We can also assist you with additional workflows once you’ve hired someone. For example, we’ll assist you in enrolling your new hire in performance management software, onboarding classes, and other services.

  • Thought Leadership in the Industry

Are your applicant tracking system’s developers, investors, and owners thinking about what you do? Many individuals can create software, advertise it, sell it, and then solve issues with current functionality, but they can’t provide you with anything more.

Look for an ATS that can provide you with more. Pay attention to what the firm does other than selling things – are they producing useful literature? Are there any upcoming webinars on hiring trends? Are they going to give a talk on hiring? If they aren’t, there’s a strong possibility they aren’t paying attention to what you genuinely need.

  • Application Status Tracking

Your application tracking system must, at the absolute least, have accurate and up-to-date tracking. For example, do you involve anyone else in the process? Are they responding to you and expecting anything in return? Did they leave you hanging? You’ll be able to see precisely where a candidate is, how they got there, and what the next stages are with a solid ATS.

  • Archive of Job Openings

When was the last time you recruited someone for a specific position? Have you had a lot of success with one job description and wish to duplicate it? You’ll need a job opening archive in your candidate management software to keep all of your previous openings.

Sure, you can save it as a document, but don’t settle for anything less.

  • A Single Place For All Hiring-Related Communications

Hiring may be a difficult process. You should organize all of your hiring-related correspondence in your applicant tracking system. With centralization, you can keep everything organized, move swiftly, and hear everyone on your hiring team.

If you don’t have a centralized hub, you may have issues with everyone having the same access to information, a slower reaction time, and perhaps missing out on some of the top skills.

  • Proven Results

What is the return on investment (ROI) of applicant tracking systems? You’re curious about how effective these methods are. Some candidate management software is superior to others.

Always keep your industry in mind. Your industry may determine the finest ATS for your company. Higher education application tracking systems, public sector applicant tracking systems, government applicant tracking systems, and so on are only a few examples.

  • Help with Onboarding and Beyond

The problem isn’t limited to application tracking systems. Does your applicant tracking system (ATS) assist you in preparing for the onboarding process? You may use information about your recruits’ abilities, talents, experience, and more to enroll them in the finest available training courses so they can start making an impact right away.

Finishing Up

Candidate management software or an overall recruitment system. So, irrespective of whether you are a small-scale or mid-sized enterprise. However, it is always a great idea to look for an all-in-one workforce management software that includes candidate management and applicant tracking.

Consider the Mind Workplace from Omind Technologies to be a great option. Take a demo trial if need be. Your purchase decision will depend on that. What’s best about the MWP workforce management software is that it is an all-inclusive tool. It is targeted at small and medium-scale businesses and includes every module that can help automate HR and management tasks.

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