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What to choose for Cross-Platform App Development?

 Every business today wants to release an app on Google Play and App Store. The trick is that you must choose a technology stack before you can ship a mobile app to the market. What technology stack will it be? Flutter or React Native? 

Most cross-platform applications are built using React Native or Flutter only. So, they are rapidly growing in popularity, surpassing the overall competition. Which one is worth your money and time? This post will discuss Flutter, React Native, as well as their differences, so you can decide which is best for you.

Flutter vs. React Native: Popularity

React Native and Flutter are two frameworks examples that you can use to develop many. Let’s see how popular they are.

Flutter app development is used to create apps such as:

  • Google Ads

Google ads were created by the developer to track and optimize ad campaign performance.

  • Grab

Grab acts as a merchant app, which people use to order food delivery services.

  • Stadia

Stadia is similar in concept to Google’s gaming service. You can also hire best Flutter app developers and get the same features as this app in your project. 

  • eBay Motors

This app allows people to browse, buy, and sell various vehicles via their phone or laptop.

  • Baidu Tieba

It is the largest communication platform in Chinese.

  • KFC DSR  

It’s an application that reduces the paperwork of KFC. 

React Native is used to create the following apps:

  • Facebook

It’s a popular social network app. You can also create a social media app like Facebook by hiring the best Flutter app development company and developer.

  • Walmart

It’s also a popular app that enables you to shop for different products and items.

  • Bloomberg  

Bloomberg is an app for business news that offers access to exclusive content, live feeds, and videos related to business.

  • UberEATS  

It’s used for food delivery services.

  • Wix

This app lets you create and manage websites and mobile apps.

  • Skype

This is a video conference app that almost everyone has heard of.

Differences between Flutter and React Native

React Native and Flutter app development have a lot in common. We will now examine the differences between Flutter and React Native.

Programming Language of Flutter and React Native

The most necessary factor when selecting a framework is a programming language. The popularity of a programming language decides the availability of experts, developers’ community size, end-product quality, and speed of the development.


Flutter app development operates on Dart language for application development. This Java-like programming language is optimized to develop client applications for web, mobile, and server-side platforms. It uses strict typing which makes code maintenance and debugging easier. Dart is an innovative and rapidly-developing language. It is balanced and incorporates many modern approaches.

React Native

Interestingly, React Native uses React to build user interfaces using JavaScript. React allows you to write code faster but is tough to debug & maintain. It is a popular language for developing web applications.  

It offers multiple open-source libraries to solve practical web problems. This is a huge advantage for JavaScript-based ecosystems since the talent pool is much larger.

Architecture of Flutter and React Native

Framework architecture is the second most important criteria. These factors affect development ease and speed, custom task extensions, and final product quality.


Flutter is a framework to develop UI apps that has a Skia engine at the lowest level. This engine is also used in Android and Chrome. Flutter app development can render its components at 60FPS thanks to this engine. Flutter displays the Flutter UI using its own widget library. This allows for seamless UI operation and high performance. 

It also unifies the UI appearance, regardless of OS version. The applications will look identical on both newer Android versions and older versions up to version 4.4. Also, if you want a cost-effective app, you can hire Flutter app developers from India as they have affordable charges. 

React Native

JavaScript is used to make React Native work as a bridge between native operating system components and JS code. React Native applications closely resemble native apps because of this approach. This approach can cause performance issues due to the inability to interpret JavaScript code when the application runs.

Development/SDK API of React Native and Flutter 

A good SDK architecture with ready-made components and widgets that speed up development is an important aspect of choosing a development tool company.


Flutter SDK is a tool for rapid UI development. It includes a large library of widgets. You can get ready-made implementations for most of the modern UI patterns like Sidebar navigation and Tabs navigation. The widget library supports Apple Human Guidelines and Google Material Design. Once you hire best Flutter app developers they can quickly prototype and develop a UI that looks native on iOS and Android.

The widget library is open-source. This gives developers almost limitless possibilities to customize and expand existing functionality without having to use native components. It also offers excellent rendering speed for various animations and UI.

React Native

React Native SDK as compared to  Flutter app development comes with a limited set of widgets. It expects developers to use third-party solutions to make it work with native UI components. So, developers are at risk of facing problems connecting these components because they use native platform code. Hence, developers must be ready for problems when connecting to platforms and should be able to navigate the platform easily. 

Documentation and Development Tools 

Software development kits should be easy to use, set up and maintain. An SDK that is great should be simple to use and easy to learn.


The Flutter SDK includes a full set of tools to help you develop and debug applications. You can merely hire Flutter app developers from India and get started with these tools. These include integration with popular IDEs, tools for monitoring and debugging applications, and automation. It also features the “Hot-reload” feature, which allows you to run new code without having to restart the application. This greatly reduces debugging time. Flutter app development is a great toolkit for developers to help them through all aspects of app development and setup.

React Native

React is similar to Flutter. It includes a hot reload feature that allows mobile UIs to incorporate code changes faster. Developers of React Native can reuse web app code for developing desktop apps.

It’s documentation base has a robust documentation and tutorials library that is actively supported by its large developer community.

What To Choose From React Native Or Flutter For App Development

React Native is an excellent framework for creating native and cross-platform apps. But Flutter app development is better at creating integrations and MVP apps.

Choose React Native, if

  • Your company needs to scale the existing apps with cross-platform modules  
  • You want lightweight native apps.
  • You want to craft shared APIs from scratch.
  • Your goal is to create an app that can be accessed instantly and has a super-high responsive UI.
  • You have sufficient time and money to hire developers for the project.  

Choose Flutter app development if,

  • You have to write codes fast and ship them to the market.  
  • Your app doesn’t require full native functionality.
  • Delivery timeframes and budgets are very limited.
  • Your goal is to create apps at 60 FPS or 120 FPS.
  • You want to customize the UI without relying on widgets and testing.

Some Last Words

So, you can see that there is no clear winner. Both React Native, as well as Flutter, have their own advantages and weaknesses. Only your experience, goals, and requirements will determine the best choice for you. 

Are you looking for developers to launch a new project from scratch or support the main team? Select the best Flutter app development company such as MobileCoderz. Our team of trained developers are ready to help. 

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