What is the Most Reliable V8 Cars?

In my opinion, there are four types of V8 cars. They are cheap V8 cars, reliable V8 cars, unreliable V8 cars, and premium or luxury V8 cars. Of course, there are more, but they are all pretty much the same in my book. There are some exceptions, such as:

  • Ford Fiesta’s
  • Acura Integra

But they are very different in their ways.

The cheap V8 cars are just that, cheap. You can get them from Japan for about 200 dollars, depending on where you live and which model you get. If you do a little research, you can find Japanese V8 spare parts at great prices as well. While these cars are cheap, there is a reason behind them.

Cheap V8 engines are just that, cheap. These engines are made of plastic and metal and have not been cared for very well. So when these cars go out there, they are a huge shot. When they go wrong, they don’t last long, and they break down real quick when they do. Many people end up with this problem, so they don’t get repaired; they just give up.

A lot of the time, people give up on these cars because the owners don’t care. They think they can put as many miles on it as they want because it is an older model. That is not the case with these engines.

They need to be taken care of just like any other type of engine. These cars need to be washed down daily and have any scheduled maintenance done. If you neglect this, then you will be in trouble. When I say schedule, I mean that if you turn your engine off and leave it there for a week, expect it to break down within a week or two. That is how dependable these engines are.

The reason that they have to be taken care of is because of the mileage. Most of these cars can go over 200 miles before they start to fail. That is why they have to be taken good care of for them to last. There is no point in buying a brand new car if it will only last one or two years before you have to buy a replacement. That is not the dependable way to go about getting a car.

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When looking to get a dependable V8 engine, I recommend finding a reputable used car company. By reputable, I mean places that don’t have too many complaints against them. A place that has had a lot of complaints doesn’t sound reliable to me.

So what is the most reliable V8 engine? Well, I will have to say a Maserati. These cars are reliable, fast, affordable, and have tons of power. They also tend to last longer than other cars, which is just another plus for anybody who wants to get a dependable car.

Top 3 Most Reliable V8 Cars:


What about an Acura? They are great little cars but also very reliable. I have heard of some guys putting hundred thousand dollars into their Acura engines. That’s a bit of money, I agree. If they can do it, so can you. Acura engines are known for lasting a long time and for really being strong.

Dodge Challenger

What about a Dodge Challenger? These cars also put out a lot of horsepowers. They are known for being durable too. The key with these engines is the durability which means that a person will get a lot of use.


What about Ford Focus? This car also gets a lot of attention. It has an excellent base price too. I have heard that the Ford engines are not always as strong as other people make them out to be. The Focus also is known to not get along with other auto parts. Sometimes it seems like a lot of trouble is when you’re trying to get something fixed on it.

These are just a few examples, as there are a lot more to pick from. When you go to start thinking about what is the most reliable v8 car? It is always best to check around first. Try to get a good list of what auto parts you may want to replace and what companies you might use to get it done.

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