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What is the Most Effective Commercial Termite Treatment?

“What is the most effective commercial termite treatment?” This is one question that gets asked quite often, and the answer isn’t always clear. When it comes to controlling termites, there are a lot of different methods and products to choose from. If you want to know which one to use, the best way to approach it is to first know a bit about these pests. Termite experts think that this insect has been around since at least 1800 when they were first discovered in the United States. They can cause some serious damage to structures and if you have a structure that you want to protect, you should consider termite control.

Protecting Structures


Termite treatment is a term that has many uses. In addition to protecting structures from termites, it can also prevent further damage from occurring. The main reason that people call termite treatments effective is that they eliminate the threat posed by this insect. Termites eat the wood in your house or your garden and doing so can wreak havoc on the environment and your finances.

What kind of treatment do you need?


Commercial treatments are very effective but depending on where you live will depend on what kind of treatment you need. The effectiveness of any treatment will vary with the location where it is used. There are two types of treatments that can be applied: baits and fumigants. Both of these are applied to a structure either to prevent the development of new termites or to kill them off.



Baiting is one of the easiest and more economical treatment methods. You will need bait or pesticides to be spread around the area you wish to treat. These chemicals will be left behind after the treatment is completed, although they will not be harmful to humans or animals. If you are concerned about doing this yourself you should contact a professional pest control company.

Commercial Termite Treatment

Termite infestation


A bait treatment will do nothing unless the termite infestation is big enough to allow the chemicals to work. They must be spread out over a wide area if you want to have a chance of getting them all. The right way to spread out bait is to use trucks to spread them out in thickets or alongside the ground. This means that if you need to do your termite treatment you will need to know exactly where you are going to be doing it.

When it comes to fumigation, there are different kinds. Your choice of which type of fumigation to do will depend on the type of termite treatment you require. For bait termite treatments, a tenting chemical will be injected into the ground where the termites are, baited, and the fumes dispersed outside of the building. These fumes are thought to deter the termites from coming back.

Foam Baits


Foam baits are a little different. Instead of being injected with the tenting chemical, foam baits are poured into holes, which can be either dug or created by pumping the liquid into the ground through a tube. Once the liquid hits the soil, any termite treatment has to be done with an extra measure of caution. The pump tube can be tapped to prevent the chemical from flowing back into the soil. It is important to follow label directions when applying or using termite treatments.

These three commercial termite treatments all have pros and cons. If you have a large infestation, it might be best to hire a pro. However, if you have a small infestation and are only concerned about eliminating the adults, these treatments may be sufficient. When you do need to hire someone for pest control treatment, make sure he or she uses chemicals only and follows proper protocol to prevent future infestations.

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