What is SAS Tape Drive?

sas tape drive comes with a native storage capacities of up to 6 TB for each cartridge (15 TB at 2.5:1 compression) and an maximum data transfer speed that can reach 300Mbps (750 Mbps in compressed).

This data protection solution for enterprises comes with an lto ultrium drive form factor that allows for integration with Think System servers.

Features of SAS Tape Drives

The LTO Generation 7 Tape Drive is a high-performance, high capacity tape drive. The drive records data in an elongated linear serpentine record format on a half-inch tape contained within cartridge. 

Specifications that are part of LTO Generation 7 Internal SAS Tape Drives are:


LTO 7 can store 2.4 times the amount of info (6000 GB) in an LTO tape cartridge as an LTO6 drive (2500 GB) and without compression. LTO7 can also write and read LTO6 cartridges and only read Ultrium 5 cartridges.

It is able to exchange files between LTO6 as well as LTO5 drive tapes.

Be aware that the LTO7 drive can permit only one LTO6 cartridge for writing with the LTO6 capacity (2500 gigabytes). Increased recording density

It is the Ultrium 7 drive utilizes the latest data cartridge, which externally shares the same physical dimensions as the previous LTO cartridges. However, the density of linear recording is greater at 19.09 kb/mm.

These advancements have led to greater capacity for storage in cartridges.

Write one time, then read many times (WORM) to help

LTO7 tape drives that provide write-once, read- several (WORM) cartridges that help safeguard your data. With WORM cartridges, you can save important information in a non-rewritable and non-erasable format.

Operator panel

The display is single-character and indicates any errors and also communicates messages like requests for cleaning tape.

SAS connection

The tape drive can support the use of a 12 or 6 Gb SAS connection with a SFF-8482 connection.

Why the Future of Data Storage is Magnetic Tape


 The financial regulations have now required businesses to maintain records for longer than they did before. Therefore, institutions and businesses of all sorts are accumulating increasing amounts of more.

Also, human heritage as well as national archives, important motion picture as well as insurance, banking oil exploration, and many more.

In fact, it has been the reverse. Similar to the hard disk as well as the transistor magnetic tape has progressed tremendously throughout the years.

The first digital tape storage device IBM’s Model 726, could store around 1.1 megabytes on a single reel. Nowadays the modern tape cartridge is able to hold 15 Terabytes. A single robotic tape library can hold up to 278 petabytes worth of information.

The truth is that tape does not provide the speed of access that hard drives or semiconductor memory. Yet, the advantages of tape are numerous. First of all tape storage is energy efficient.


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