What is receiving blanket, uses, and safety tips

It’s such a memorable day when your baby is welcomed into the world. A new beginning unfolds as new parents, that feeling which is attached to holding your newborn baby is mesmerizing. Do you remember the first time you held your little one? It felt like magic, but are you aware of the fact that the blanket which encased the baby after it was born is known as receiving blanket? This super-soft material touches your baby for the first time. It is one of the most essential pieces of items that shape a maternity section. Even before the baby is brought to the mother, it is first coiled around a receiving blanket – a special blankets for babies.

This piece of cloth is simply a delicate, slim, soft blanket specially curated for a newborn baby and can be used in a lot of different ways such as baby wrap blanket, for when you want to carry your little one in your arms, and as a comfy baby blankets for winter to keep them warm and protected. Since the baby’s skin is extra fragile, it is weaved out of either flannel, cotton, muslin, or fleece.


 Warm your baby

There are multiple uses of a receiving blanket, lot of parents give their newborn baby utmost care and attention. It helps the baby to protect from winter’s cool breeze and keeps the little soul warm when he’s asleep. One does not need to worry about overheating as the material is really comfy and soft for babies. 5 Best Things For Baby Care

Clean cloth/playmat

Babies may tend to burp because of the food contents. However, you may use receiving blankets as a substitute for a burp cloth. Babies love to play around even outdoors, if playmat is unavailable, you can use this soft blanket.

 Use as bibs

Receiving blankets are a great way to use large bibs, babies can be messy humans, they might spill food here and there, what is important is that receiving blankets eat up large space which is really great for babies when they turn the world upside down.

Receiving blankets safety tips

Your baby holds a precious life, not many are aware that loosely held blankets wrapped into your baby’s cot will most likely cause sudden death syndrome in infants. So if one becomes well aware of using receiving blanket in a proper method, a lot of issues can be unavoidable.

Suffocation SOS!

As stated earlier, avoid loose blankets as it can increase the chances of suffocating the baby and lead to unexpected circumstances. A baby does not understand everything he/she does, it’s important to guide them in even the smallest steps possible.

Don’t tighten the legs!

One more terrible thing that parents need to be aware of is that tightening a baby’s legs could lead to hip dislocation. So make sure, you keep things pretty easy and loose for the baby.

 Prevent baby from rolling!

It’s unfortunate to control your baby, they might end up rolling from side to side, once you put the baby on the wheels, you have to check a couple of things, one of which includes keeping an eye on them from time to time to ensure they have not flipped over or suffered from overheating.

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