What is PGDM ?


PGDM ( Post Graduate programme in Management ) is a two-year diploma degree. E5 karayolu üzerinde olan kalabalık semtimiz sefaköy escort kadınlarına ulaşabilmek çok kolay. This focuses on providing practical management knowledge and is provided by AICTE-accredited B-Schools. 

The course’s curriculum is quite similar to that of an MBA, with the goal of providing management training to students. This accompanied by challenging case studies and seminars to prepare them for the industry.

Because the Post Graduate programme in Management Syllabus is market and industry focused. Many working professionals and students choose this management course.

Because of its flexible study materials and industry-focused courses, the PGDM programme is in high demand. It focuses mostly on the candidates’ practical expertise. Most firms are recruiting Post Graduate programme in Management students and providing them with considerable incentives. Because of its emphasis on practical knowledge rather than theoretical written content.

Why PGDM ?

Students from any stream can apply for the course – A PGDM programme is open to candidates from any stream. The PG programmes are tailored to a student’s interests, skills, and professional goals.

  • Interdisciplinary courses – PGDM courses are a synthesis of several areas. Management, accounting, economics, international business, and other fields are among them. Various PGDM courses provide comprehensive understanding in these areas.
  • Preparing future managers – Top pgdm institutions in Mumbai are in great demand for competent students who may become future business leaders. They may be prepared for future issues by learning about the industry, its procedures, and technologies.
  • Substantial salary package – Graduates of the PGDM degree have excellent prospects to advance up the corporate ladder and develop expertise, leading to high salaries and bonuses.

A PGDM programme is recommended for those who have demonstrated leadership potential. A student can be a good manager if he or she has enthusiasm and determination. Pupils from many streams can apply for PGDM courses, resulting in a large variety of students. It offers students internships and industry visits to various factories and manufacturing facilities, as well as real-world job scenarios.

Difference Between PGDM and MBA 

MBA is only provided by universities and institutes linked with universities because it is a degree. Their programme has been recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Autonomous organisations, such as IIMs, on the other hand, are not permitted to award degrees. As a result, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) recognises their Post Graduate programme in Management (PGDM) as a certificate and regulates it .

PGDM vs MBA: Academic Distinction

While both courses seek to teach you in management and administration, as previously mentioned, their approaches differ significantly. While an MBA focuses on the academic parts of business, a PGDM concentrates on the technical components, giving students exposure to real-world business scenarios.

A PGDM is also not the same as a one-year PGP, which is provided by various private colleges across India. Another benefit of a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is that, because it is offered by independent colleges. The curriculum may be updated more regularly to reflect new business changes and trends. A PGDM, on the other hand, is regarded a diploma while a university-affiliated. MBA is deemed a degree, providing you a superior position if you desire to continue higher study overseas.

Though there aren’t many differences between MBA and PGDM programmes. We all know that management is a fast-paced industry where a lot of things change on a daily basis. Having the same curriculum year after year might cause kids to fall behind. Most colleges do not adjust their MBA curriculum to meet market requirements due to their conservative position. PGDM programmes, on the other hand, do not have similar issues. Institutes are extremely responsive to shifting business demands due to their independent structure. The syllabus is updated on a regular basis to ensure that students are aware of current market trends. PGDM programmes are far better at preparing students for careers in the business world.

Top Colleges for MBA/PGDM :


Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad: This college is based in ahmedabad, CAT/GMAT are required as entrance exam and the fees is INR 23,00,000.

IIM Bangalore: This institute is based in bangalore, CAT/GMAT is required to get admission in this college and the fees is INR 23,00,000.

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta: This college is based in kolkata/calcutta india, CAT/GMAT is required to get admission in this institute and the total fees is INR 27,00,000.

IIM Indore: This Institute is based in Indore, CAT/GMAT is required to get admission in this college and the fees is INR 16,00,000.


Indore Management Institute: IMI PGDM Colleges Indore is one of the best institute to pursue PGDM in india, Direct admissions are also available in this institute, with affordable fee structure.

Great Lakes Institute of Management: This institute is situated in chennai, CAT/GMAT/XAT/CMAT are required to get admission in this institute and the fees of this institute is INR 10,10,000.

IIM Ranchi:  This institute is situated in Ranchii, CAT is required to get admission in this institute and the fees of this institute is INR 15,00,000.

XIME:  This institute is situated in Bangalore, MAT/XAT is required to get admission in this institute and the fees of this institute is INR 10,00,000.


Both MBA and PGDM programmes are recognised as having comparable value in terms of job possibilities in India and abroad. It is not considered a disadvantage to have a postgraduate diploma rather than a bachelor’s degree.What matters most is the reputation of your institution or institute, and, more crucially, your professional talents. Now that you know the differences between the programmes, you may go through the MBA and PGDM course descriptions, evaluate the courses, and pick based on your academic and professional goals.

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