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What Is Hair Wet Styling?

Over the past few years, no matter what hair color you have, styling with the effect of wet hair service has not lost its popularity. It is practical, does not necessitate any specific abilities, and may be carried out in a variety of ways. Knowing their characteristics, you can easily figure out how to create a hairstyle for yourself by selecting the best option.

Who suits?

Wet effect styling is versatile. It works with hair of any color, length, or structure.

On dark, red, and streaked hair, it looks exceptionally opulent. Blondes, on the other hand, must choose their styling products carefully to avoid creating an untidy appearance.

On both curly and straight hair, a wet effect hairstyle is simple to achieve. It’s ideal for anyone who has ever done a perm.

Because the haircut is so versatile, you may style it to fit any face shape. The parting location, the volume of the hairstyle, the harshness of the effect, and the straight or wavy structure will all play a role in this scenario.

Laying is summer – both everyday and evening. It fits perfectly into the romantic style. The light wet effect has no age restrictions. A pronounced youthful version. The style items you choose are determined by the effect you wish to achieve.

Choice of styling products.

Gels and varnishes were used to achieve wet styling in the 1980s when it was first becoming popular. The selection of styling products has grown significantly in recent years. The resulting photographs were able to create a lot of variety as a result of this. A new wave of popularity in recent years has led to the appearance on the market of a large number of products marked “for the effect of wet hair.” Specialized cosmetics made it simple to make a hairdo that didn’t require gluing the strands and provided the required gloss.

The list of such funds includes various products.

  • It’s essential for giving straight hair a noticeable damp look without affecting the structure. The gel often has a sticky consistency. As a result, it’s best to use it on damp strands that are evenly dispersed along the length. Another undeniable benefit is that it prevents hair fluffiness. As a result, it’s frequently advised for curly hair styling.

Gel cream, gel spray, and gel wax are all examples of goods developed by manufacturers to experiment with the consistency of the gel. Each of them has its own characteristics. Water-based gels and gel creams create a lighter effect, while gel-wax is needed for a stronghold on naughty strands, clarity of lines and shine.

  • The tool is used to create light, tousled hairstyles. It is suitable for thin hair. Before laying with heating devices, the foam is used. It is best to choose a product with a weak to medium degree of attachment for daily use.
  • In composition, it is similar to foam, but has a high concentration of tannins and plasticizers. As a result, the mousse holds the hairdo better, is better for styling a damp look, but can also make it heavier. For oily hair types, it’s best to use it for a denser, stiffer structure.

Mousse is not suggested for damaged hair because it dries it out. In addition, it can easily give an undesirable greasy effect, so you need to choose a medium degree of fixation and not use a large amount of the product.

  • This tool has a medium grip for wet style, gives the hair a deep gloss, and adds volume. Varnish can be used to make curls as well as to seal the end product.

This product can have a detrimental impact on hair health by drying it out. As a result, using a leave-in conditioner with dimethicone after washing your hair is recommended. It will create a protective film.

  • Sprays help to structure curls, creating a slight shine. They may have a moisturizing or protecting property against environmental impacts since they are filled with beneficial compounds. They perform their function of creating easy styling on curly hair.
  • This product has a double effect. It enables you to achieve the desired styling and infuses the hair with beneficial components. Because the cream has a light modeling property and can handle fluffiness, it is suitable for generating curly hair styling.

Execution technology.

Wet effects can be bright or weak, present on even or wavy strands. Styling is feasible on straight and curly hair. Any of the categories can be done at home with ease. In this case, for different styling options, you may need:

  • a hairdryer featuring both a concentrator and a diffuser nozzle (typically included with a hairdryer);
  • single-row comb and brushing;
  • styling tools.

This is a must for almost everyone who conducts home laying. None of the techniques necessitate any exceptional abilities. It is simply necessary to consider the hair’s structure. Different procedures are chosen for each type, whether straight or curly, thin or rigid.

The result of using a cold style procedure on damp hair.

The styling here may be different, but the results may vary.

  • Wet hair is styled using a styling product (spray, gel, mousse, varnish, or wax).
  • The head is dried naturally. During this time, crush the strands with springy movements to give the curls a larger curl. For a uniform result, you can twist your hair into flagella or curlers and wait until they dry.
  • The strands must be disassembled into individual curls at the end.

This hairstyle highlights the natural beauty of curly hair in every age. But not only the structure determines the choice of styling technique, but also the length of the hair.

To achieve the best results when styling hair of any length, don’t be afraid to experiment. It is necessary to try different styling products, take into account their features, select the optimal amount of product to be applied. Proper styling enlivens the face, sets a special rhythm to the image and uplifts the mood.


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