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What is from Learned helplessness with 3 methods?

In this post, we will show What is from Learned helplessness with 3 methods? when something bad happens, we often try to minimize its negative effects. However, there are people who think they have no control over the situation and can do nothing to improve it. They tend to lean to one side and raise their hands as a sign of submission. These people are attracted by the poverty of education. why is that? To understand this behavior, join us in this article.

What is Learned helplessness

What is learned helplessness?

According to the American Psychological Society, educational impairment occurs when a person is in a stressful, difficult, and uncontrollable state for a long period of time. As a result, once he is free of these conditions, he will no longer try to free himself because his mind is accustomed to these conditions. The man learned that he is incapable and cannot work to change the situation even when change is possible. It’s as if these people have forgotten to take advantage of the opportunity. Such a man is poorly educated.

This concept was first discovered when studying animal behavior and by chance. pc Martin Seligman and Steven Meyer, two famous American psychologists, first saw this complication in dogs in 1967. They placed two groups of dogs in two boxes with a short barrier in front of each box. One box received an electric shock and the other did not. Dogs that have already received an electric shock several times after hearing the alarm did not try to remove the obstruction when they were in the shock box.

Two researchers conducted further experiments to find the root of the dog’s helplessness caused by the electric shock. They divided the dogs into three groups:

  • The first group was the one who was imprisoned and then released.
  • The second group was the ones who remained closed but received an electric shock, although they could.
  • prevent the shock by pressing the T button in front of them.
  • And the third group of people received the same shock as the previous group, but could not control and prevent it.

All three groups of dogs then returned to the same boxes. The first and second groups quickly learned to code obstacles and get rid of electric shocks. But the third group did not try to escape despite their ability. This meant that third-grade dogs learned from past experiences that their efforts were in vain.

Examples of learning disabilities in humans

Although the concept of our discussion was first tested on animals, much research has been done on humans since then, and different symptoms have been observed in humans. To better understand the subject, consider the following examples:

A child who repeatedly fails to solve math problems or does not get good grades in the exams of this course will soon come to the conclusion that no matter how hard he tries, he will not succeed in the math lesson. As a result of this behavior, he stops strengthening maths and feels helpless whenever he encounters a new problem.
A person who feels ashamed in social or emotional relationships may gradually come to the conclusion that he cannot remove his shame, and that shame is an essential part of his or hers. As a result, not only does it work to eliminate embarrassment, but it also intensifies.

As mentioned, some people may experience this disability in all or most of their situations, while in others learning disability occurs only in certain circumstances. The reason is that the way people look at an event may explain this difference. For example, someone with a pessimistic attitude is more likely to experience learning disabilities, because it is the more unpleasant aspects of an event or problem. Does. Therefore, they are more likely to find themselves unable to change circumstances.

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