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What is Facebook Marketing? – Guide

What is Facebook: Facebook Marketing is a platform that provides a variety of highly targeted paid advertising and organic posts, allowing brands to market their products and services to a mass audience. Over the past decade, Facebook has shifted from being the most dominant social medium on the Internet to one of the largest markets.

Why is Facebook Good for Marketing?

Digital marketing offers a variety of channels for building communication with audiences: social media, email, messengers, search engines, SMS, web push notifications, etc. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why you should consider Facebook as a platform for growth. your business:

Has global coverage. More than 1.5 billion users visit Facebook every day. About 2.3 billion — every month. More than 7 million active companies create ads for this huge audience.
Provides highly targeted paid ads. With Facebook Ads, you can tailor your promotion to a specific audience based on gender, age, location, job, interests – any demographic or behavioural data that users voluntarily share with Facebook. Check Out Complete Facebook Marketing Tutorial

Makes organic access possible. If you don’t have the resources to use Facebook ads, build relationships organically by sharing content that brings value to people on your Facebook page. Your posts will appear in your newsfeed, although the high level of competition will naturally make it harder to build an audience.
Allows integration with other marketing channels. Facebook marketing is not a stand-alone system. You can combine this with other marketing channels, such as email marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing and Facebook Messenger advertising, to develop a promotional mix that will increase your brand’s reach.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

In this section, we’ll go deep into the benefits of using Facebook in your marketing strategy. Apart from reaching a wider audience, you will get an idea of ​​what goals you can achieve with this platform.

precise targeting. You already know that Facebook allows users to deeply segment their audience, but let’s take a closer look at the options available. Within demographic targeting, you can select an audience with a particular income, education level, life events, relationship status or job. You can search based on customers’ interests, such as their favourite pastimes, sports, hobbies, and shopping habits. Plus, you can reach out to customers based on purchase behaviour, intent, device usage, etc.

Increase in website traffic. With this platform, you can bring your avrupa yakası escort visitors directly to your website. Furthermore, these people will be higher quality leads than users who come organically to your site because they already know your company. Therefore, you have more credibility in their mind. Encourage your followers to visit your site to learn more about your products. Also, when linking to a site, Facebook creates a full-size image if your site page has one. So, it will grab the attention of many users and help you in boosting website traffic.

Variety of ad formats. Facebook provides businesses with excellent opportunities that allow them to showcase their products from the best angles. Ads on this platform include both text and visual formats. You can promote your post by turning it into an ad, create stories to show you behind the scenes, create a slideshow of your new collection, a carousel to display up to 10 products linked to related pages Can use ads, etc.

Customer Support. A lot of people like to associate with a brand through social media. Phone calls are a thing of the past. Build a chatbot for Facebook Messenger that communicates with users based on their popular queries – keywords. They may include “price,” “delivery,” “payment options,” “purchase,” “book,” etc. You just need to develop a scenario and write the answer based on the frequently asked questions of the users. Your chatbot will mimic the actual conversation. As a result, your support team will have time for more complex issues and you can automate routine tasks.

Positive impact on SEO. Some marketers claim that social media affects search rankings. Robots are believed to take into account your data in the About section when ranking. In addition, your social media engagement contributes a lot. Shares, likes and comments tell Google that people are interested in and engage with your brand. Although there is no exact proof of this, it is not superfluous either.

Facebook Marketing Formats

Facebook is not only a social media leader but also a fast-growing company, with half a million new accounts being created every day. As time goes by, Facebook developers come up with new formats of ads to meet the modern requirements of Facebook ad funnel creation, optimizing time-proven ads. Here is a list of Facebook marketing formats:

Video Ads

This is a great way to showcase your product’s features in action. Facebook allows different types of video to be used to accomplish specific goals: short videos and GIFs to capture attention all at once, or in-stream videos for longer TV-like viewing.

Image Ads

If your budget is too low to make a video, then image advertising is a great idea to make high-quality advertising fast and easy. This format will help you increase brand awareness and drive people to your website.

Carousel Ads

This format allows up to ten images or videos to be displayed inside an ad – each with a link to a specific product page. This provides a vast area for creativity and interactivity because you can show one product in detail, or a few different products, or tell a story as separated by those carousel cards.

Collection Ads

It’s just like a shortlist of your products in a post on your Facebook Feed. A collection ad consists of a basic video or image and four smaller images at the bottom in grid form.

Slideshow Ads

It is a video-like format that plays well even when the internet connection speed is low. You can create such an ad using a variety of stock images, some useful tools for video editing, and even music.

Lead Generation Advertising

This format was developed specifically to help generate leads regarding mobile users. When a user taps on the image in such an ad, a subscription form appears right in the ad, making a few taps enough to opt-in to your newsletters.

There are also three types of ads to drive engagement – ​​post engagement, event responses, and page likes.

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