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What Is A Good Daily Routine For A Teenager?

Teenage is full of drama, chaos, new experiences, laughter and tears. Thus it becomes very crucial to manage this phase of our lives productively and efficiently. And apparently a good teenage routine would help you do that! But what is a good daily routine for a teenager?

That’s the question we are going to quickly answer today. Let’s dive in!

  1. Warm Water + Meditation In Morning

Start your day by hydrating yourself with a warm glass of water. Make sure you have at least one full glass of water. Then instead of diving into your phone immediately, you can meditate for minimum 7 minutes and clear your mind. These 2 simple steps will make you feel fresh, calm and energetic in the morning itself.

  1. A Healthy Filling Breakfast

Filling your tummy with healthy food in the morning is a rudimentary task of a good daily routine for a teenager. How much ever busy you are, make sure you somehow fill in something into your empty stomach to keep yourself energetic and active throughout the day.

  1. Plan Your Day

What is a good daily routine for a teenager? A routine that comprises of a well-planned day! Planning is a crucial facet of any routine. You could make a to-do list to include all the significant to minor tasks of the day to make sure that you don’t miss any crucial tasks and you know what exactly you’re doing throughout the day.

  1. Attend School/College Regularly

Well, this was an obvious facet of the daily routine for a teenager but yet I had to mention it to explicitly answer the question – what is a good daily routine for a teenager? So attend all classes regularly but not only for the sake of attendance but also to gain knowledge.

  1. Workout

Fitness is an important aspect of a teen’s lifestyle. You don’t always need a gym to workout, home workouts are also highly effective. Cycling, dancing, yoga, skipping, jogging, etc. are also fun workouts!

  1. Study + Homework

Merely attending school or college is never enough in this competitive era of studious teens. You need to diligently study and regularly complete your homework to stay in the competition.

  1. Time With Friends & Family

I had to include social life facet to aptly answer to what is a good daily routine for a teenager. It’s necessary that teens open up with their friends and family members about their life woes and feelings. Teenage can get very critical at times and thus you need a friendly advice from your friends and family to deal with it!


Well that’s it – a short and sweet answer to your question – what is a good daily routine for a teenager? I hope you liked it and if you did then make sure you implement this teenage routine in your lives too. There’s nothing fancy or complex about what is a good daily routine for a teenager. It’s just a simple routine with achievable tasks that make your day productive.

All The Best!


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