What Are The Foremost QuickBooks Online Integrations Employed In Business?

Having a small business means you have to end up doing different tasks that are redundant and take time. With a lean business approach and making the maximum of limited resources, you can automate the redundant tasks to save extra business hours on weekly basis. This will lead to improved growth of your business. If you are ready to use QuickBooks app integration for the management of accounts and finance, now is the time to leverage the complete prospect of QuickBooks by combining it with the other applications. 

You can also set up automated workflows to simplify your complete accounting procedure, a better collaboration, and a time saver. Depending on such tasks, here is a list of QuickBooks app integration to put the redundant task on auto-pilot mode and save your time. The calculations will be based on the average time saved by the QuickBooks users who have used it.

  • Automation of time tracking and payroll

In a business, you will have to work with contractors as well as freelancers along with full-time employees. They are those who submit invoices on monthly basis. Instead of keeping a manual track of billable hours or handling payrolls on monthly basis, you can automate it with some applications to facilitate the payroll and invoicing. With such integrations, you can keep an eye on who is working on which task and what they are working on in real-time. 

Take the example of a GPS location tracker that allows accurate accounting. The employees are allowed to log in their hours by using their phones or laptops. For every project or job code, you can individually track time while getting the practical insights in reports. You will have the authority to approve, edit and review the timesheet submitted by the employees. It becomes easy to simplify the whole invoicing procedure and payouts.

  • Synchronizing it with a payment gateway

Payment gateways are the online bridge between your website and a payment gateway. They allow you to take credit cards on your site securely, accept multiple payment options including PayPal, inspect transactions for fraud or mistakes easily, and most importantly, they make it effortless for customers to purchase from you. 

There are many websites that are a 100% web-based, completely automated QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) Online Payment Gateway integration solution that allows merchants to accept credit cards and other types of payments directly in QuickBooks Online. All data is synced directly with your accounting software – eliminating the need for manual data entry! 

This integration will help you to keep your main focus on the sale instead of worrying about the paperwork. With the help of automation, it is possible to easily create invoices, sales receipts, and synchronization customer data from your payment gateway.

Quickbooks App Integration

  • Creating orders from invoices 

Stock management can be a tough challenge for small businesses that are in the e-commerce field. There can be many invoices that need to generate in QuickBooks. After every successful order gets placed in the e-commerce app. You should avoid using it manually and switch to the QuickBooks app to automate it. 

Setting up the workflows to create orders against the new payment invoices! Add an invoice against the new order update and create such cases. Setting it up is done by native integration with some platforms that allow you to manage and organize the orders, customers, inventory, and shipping. 

  • Automating project management 

Project management is a time-consuming task for many business owners and project managers. Keeping track of progress, expenses and other important details can be difficult without the right tools to help out. You should not understate the importance of using project management software. 

It helps you stay organized and you will be able to plan your workload, monitor project status, and deliver projects on time. It makes collaboration easier for team members and stakeholders. Ultimately, helps your projects run more smoothly. If you’re not using QuickBooks integration API, you may be missing out on a powerful project management tool. 

The combination of the two can help boost productivity and improve communication between team members. If the business is growing at a steady pace, it’s difficult to deal with unexpected roadblocks. If you’re running a small business, it’s important for your team to stay on track. You need to meet deadlines without any sidetracked by minor problems. 


As customer data is very important for any business. With the revised customer information, it is easy to understand the plan of the customer’s purchase and the timeline it may take to reach the bottom of the sales funnel. This is why it is a good option to synchronize all the payment information from QuickBooks to your CRM. By doing the integration of QuickBooks with the preferred CRM, you can create an automated workflow to sync all the contact details and buying history of every customer.

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