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What are the best shoulder dislocation treatment techniques?

How does the shoulder gets dislocated?
The arm receives impact so strong that the bone forcefully moves outside of its normal area causing the muscles around to tear off. As result, the bone’s head stays outside of its socket – most of the time it can’t return without medical shoulder dislocation treatment in India intervention.
Every shoulder dislocation is a little bit unique – the type and range of tissue damage may vary. Some people say they didn’t even wear a sling. In my case, I couldn’t move my arm an inch and I had a large swelling

Table of contents:

In the first section, I will describe my biggest concerns about the injury and what it turned out to be in reality.
In the section Dislocated Shoulder Q & A, I gathered all the questions I had during my recovery time and provided answers to Sports Injury Centre Mumbai.
Next, there is the section: Shoulder dislocation recovery tips.
Then the list of all the equipment I used in my recovery.
Things I don’t advise you to do.
And what are the positive aspects of my shoulder dislocation?

Dislocated shoulder pain
The severest pain I had was for 2 hours while the arm remained in the dislocated position. After my shoulder setting, there was a temporary relief.

Next week, it hurt me a lot, and painkillers were necessary even though I have never taken them before. I couldn’t sleep in any position, once I slept sitting that which wasn’t pleasant as well. The constant feeling of discomfort was driving me crazy.

It was almost like when we have a newborn in the house – zero sleep.

Setting the joint
It was worrisome, but in painful agony, we don’t care. My setting went smooth surprisingly – I didn’t feel anything at all. The secret lies within relaxation and deep breathing – only then our muscles would untie, and the bone could jump back on the place in forceless motion.

It looked exactly like the attached picture. The medic lifted my arm very gently up, and it just popped back in place.

Dislocating again
My most significant anxiety was that the entire internet says 90% of men have this injury reoccurred in the next two years.

When muscles aren’t strong enough joints may become looser and looser over time causing almost disability. Imagine that we could dislocate it when lifting heavy bags, putting on a t-shirt, opening the door or even when sleeping.

I had a big fear I could end up just like that. The Internet said you have only a 10% chance! It made me very upset.

But what most people don’t know is a choice. When we put more effort into the recovery, chances increase significantly. It is about building balanced and stable muscles through special and often tricky exercises.

My injured arm seems to hang lower than the healthy one
Once muscles start shrinking from lack of movement (about 1-2 weeks), we will notice that collar bone is more significant than usual. It is normal because muscles mass shrinks in the area. And even when the arm is lower than the other one, don’t worry – it’s not irreversible, it should get back in place after strengthening the muscles again. We can reverse it through exercises. But only when the healing process is over.

I lost the feeling of the skin on my shoulder
It sometimes happens when a nerve is damaged I had it in my case as well. It will seem like it doesn’t improve over time then suddenly after 3-5 months, we should feel it again.

Dislocated shoulder Q & A
I asked myself 100 questions a day related to the injury. I haven’t found anything useful on the Internet. Nothing helped there. Reading horror stories about dislocation just demotivated me.

Interestingly, I noticed that people who had this injury reoccurred never mentioned they exercised before. They were just full of “God, why me!?”. So that intrigued me into thinking maybe most people aren’t aware of the possible solutions or don’t believe in them. This was my main driving force for writing this article.

In case you are that one unlucky person having trouble with recovery for a very long time. I hope to give you a fresh and decent amount of motivation in the form of tips, stories, conclusions and techniques.

Why I can’t move my arm even an inch?
Did I injured an important nerve and lost the ability to move? After 2-5 days after injury, I wasn’t able to move my arm, except the fingers and forearm. It was due to the body self-protection mechanism after injury. Our body turns off the nerve system in the area, so we are unable to harm ourselves and end up almost numb in this area. Also, the body stiffs muscles in the area to hold bones in one position, just like a stabiliser. It was explained to me by one of my physiotherapists.

Any diet recommendations?
From what I learned from the doctor diet doesn’t make the difference. Taking collagen seems pointless as young men are prone to this injury due to high amounts of collagen in their joints making them more elastic and vulnerable.


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