What are the best low-budget cafe franchise options in India?

What are the best low-budget cafe franchise options in India? 

The cafe/restaurant business is one of the fastest-growing businesses in India and the main reason behind it is the huge population of India. But opening a restaurant in India is not an easy task, you need to take care of a lot of things-

  • Finding a good location where you want to open your restaurant/cafe.
  • Finding trained and qualified staff to work at your cafe.
  • Filling all the legal documents.
  • Getting good quality raw materials.
  • Marketing your new cafe/restaurant business.

As you can see opening a restaurant/cafe in India can be very difficult for someone who doesn’t have much knowledge about this field but there is a simple way by which you can open your cafe/restaurant easily and the name of this way is taking a cafe franchise.

So, recently one of my friends told me that he wants to open his own restaurant and he asked me to find ways by which we can open a restaurant on low-budget and after thorough research, I found out that the best low-budget options to start your own cafe/restaurant business is taking a franchise.

Best Low-Budget Cafe franchise options in India

After my friend wished to take a cafe franchise on a low budget we researched some cafe franchise businesses and contacted them. We took information from them about the process of taking their franchise. In this article, I will tell you about the best low-budget cafe franchise business in India.

  • Chaiops


Chaiops is one of the best cafe franchise businesses if you are on a low-budget and you want to take franchise of a well-established and premium cafe business chain. You can take their franchise with an initial investment of 5 lakh rupees only.

  • Unique Brew Cafe

Unique Brew cafe largely focuses on the aesthetics of their cafe and the presentation of the food. Their cafe has a unique look to itself and you need an initial investment of 10 lakhs rupees to take their franchise.

  • Cafe Frespresso

Cafe frespresso is well known for its delicious snacks and drinks, they have many items on their menu to please its customers. The initial investment required to take their franchise is 10 lakh rupees.

  • Cafe Chocolicious

Cafe Chocolicious was founded in 2014 and they will support you in building a modern cafe with an initial investment of 5 lakhs INR. They will provide you with equipment and raw materials to help you start your business.

  • Chai Sutta Bar

Chai Sutta bar is a well-known name now and their major aim is to promote our traditional “Kulhad Chai”. They will help you in building your cafe and provide you with all the required equipment. A minimum investment of 15 lakhs rupees is required to take their franchise.

the best low-budget cafe franchise options in India

Conclusion- Chaiops: The best low budget cafe franchise business

Out of all the cafes I have listed above Chaiops is certainly the best option for starting a cafe/restaurant franchise business. They are providing the most premium feature at the minimal investment of 5 lakh rupees. Some of the benefits of taking franchise of Chaiops are-

  • They will provide you with all the required equipment.
  • They will provide you with trained and qualified staff.
  • They provide you with premium raw ingredients.
  • They will provide you with well-researched recipes for drinks and snacks.
  • They will provide you with a very well-built cafe.
  • They will help you in marketing your new cafe/restaurant business.

Chaiops is without a doubt the best low-budget cafe/restaurant franchise business in India.

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