Ways to Wear Trendy Dresses in the Winters

Ladies, we all have a common problem at hand. How to make summer dresses work during the cold winter months without getting frosted? We can’t tell you how many times the transition between the summer wardrobe and winter wardrobe has been difficult for us without our trendy dresses.

But, over the years of using tricks (and some failed experiments!), we have aced some ways to make our favourite summer dresses work for the winters.

And today, we are here to pass on our wisdom to you guys. Let’s get started.

Pairing with Leggings

Pairing leggings and thermal tights with dresses is a great way to warm up your outfit. They are super comfortable. Also, you can toss anything over them and it will look cool.

One pro tip though, when the colder months roll in; it’s time to swap those thin liners for thicker fleece-lined leggings.

casual midi dress

There are also temperature-controlled tights in the market that goes with a lot of different skin tones. Pair your favourite casual midi dress with these leggings and ankle-length boots.

Wear a turtleneck under your dress

We often think that layering means adding something on top of a dress.

But that’s not how it works. Wear a turtleneck or high-neck thermals under your dress to give your look some interesting touches.

casual midi dress

You can opt for a nice summer slip dress or floral printed dress. The prints and the summer colours will add a flirty vibe to the whole look.

You can either pick a dress that matches the rest of the outfit go or a little bold by playing with contrasting colours.

The game of layers

Do you know the best part about high street women’s clothing?

They look great when layered right!

And a summer dress is a perfect example of that.

For this to work, you need to stick to a similar shade of colour palates. Choose a sleeveless summer dress and start by adding a nice cardigan or a woollen shrug.

trendy dresses

Now add a second layer with a long trench coat. Complete the look with some vintage scarves and a nice beret to channel your classic French vibe. Some thigh-high boots will complement the look well.

Have fun with patterns, colours and the lengths of your dresses.

Add some cool gilets

If you are heading to a house party and won’t be outside for a long time, style summer dresses with gilets. They are less bulky and comfortable.

Puffy gilets in neutral colours go with everything. You can wear a cute printed wrap dress with the vest and pair it with some sneakers.

Colourful jumpers over dresses

A cropped jumper works best for these cases but if you are wearing a maxi dress, a warm, fuzzy knitted jumper also looks super cute.

high street women's clothing

Adding a jumper over your dress is a flattering way to stay warm while transitioning your wardrobe. We suggest cinching in the waist by adding a statement leather belt and some boots. Choose a bright colour jumper to jazz up the outfit.

If you have a stunning summer dress that you hoped to wear but couldn’t get the opportunity, here is the trick to wear it now.

A slip is an easy way to make dresses warmer. This isn’t a common tip but it is quite helpful. Pairing the slip underneath will keep your legs warm without having to cover up the fabulous dress.

If you don’t have slips, you can wear a skater skirt in jersey material for this purpose. You can layer the rest of the outfit as you like!

Wear tall boots and thick socks

If you keep your feet warm, it automatically keeps the rest of the body warmer. If you don’t like layering many jackets on top of your dress, then this is the trick for you.

Opt for taller knee-high or thigh-high boots for the winters and wear woollen socks. This way it keeps your lower body warm.

Wondering how to find all these layering pieces at once? Head to Diva Boutiques, a women’s clothing boutique for everything trendy!

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