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Virtual Employee Engagement Activities For Remote Workers: You Should Know

Employee engagement can be difficult. It is more so in a distant, pandemic, anxiety-ridden planet. Is it really tough to connect and engage your co-workers? No, not at all. There are many virtual activities you can incorporate, such as an online escape room or trivia, to help build camaraderie and motivation.

In this blog, we will look at some simple, enjoyable, and successful methods to help to keep your remote workers satisfied. So, keep scrolling to learn more about virtual employee engagement activities.

But before that, you should know what employee engagement is. So, let’s take a quick glance.

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement refers to the process of making employees feel happy, satisfied, and loyal to their workplace. Its importance becomes, even more, when examining the dynamic patterns at work.

Today’s workers are looking for more than a salary. They want to be respected, valued, and progress in their job tasks. If you do not make people feel that your firm is supporting them in becoming better, living better, and working better, then your firm will probably disappear.

But wait, there’s more! Worker productivity, performance, and satisfaction have all been related to higher levels of engagement. Simply said, happy employees lead to more earnings and better company outcomes.

As a result, virtual employee engagement activities are an important company technique to concentrate on.

Why Does A Firm Need To Perform Virtual Employee Engagement Activities?

Companies may use virtual employee engagement activities to engage their work-from-home or remote staff without having to meet them in person. Before 2020, the globe was unaware of the usefulness of remote work. By the year 2020, remote work will have become normal. 

However, we have never seen such a large number of people shift to remote work in such a short period of time. Employees are concerned by the fact that the group of work from home people:

  • They were cut off from their classmates.
  • Angry and lonely
  • Concerned about jobs lost
  • They are worried about their bodily and emotional well-being.

Because of the above-mentioned concerns, hiring remote workers is a difficult task. To be efficient, traditional employee engagement measurements require face-to-face communication. But companies are no longer able or safe to lead such acts as they once were. As a result, the demand for virtual employee engagement activities arises.

Now, let’s discuss some of the virtual employee engagement activities.

Virtual Employee Engagement Activities

Interact with remote teams to solve puzzles

For remote teams, solving puzzles is a good approach to connect and “synchronize” their talents. Solving puzzles with others may be quite beneficial in terms of improving communication, connecting, and developing the ability to see the larger picture.

Leaders that want to improve remote worker engagement arrange virtual puzzle competitions. Where various teams compete to finish the challenge in the fastest time possible.

Rewards should be attached to encourage teams to improve their competitiveness.

Virtual Appreciation And Praise

This specific virtual employee engagement activity will have a significant impact on remote workers’ levels of satisfaction.

People need to realize that their contributions matter to the organization, even if they work remotely. Your remote staff is more likely to become isolated and bored if they are not appreciated for their extra efforts.

So, make sure your rewards and recognition program do not come to an end. On video chats, virtual identification might be as basic as saying “thank you.” When someone achieves an incredible milestone, have the entire company cheer during virtual meetings. You may choose from a variety of remote-friendly choices for rewards. Such as electronic gift cards, reward points, and so on.

Days with a Theme

Themed days are usually a good way to pass the time. It allows people to maintain a sense of “fun” during normal days.

Themed days also give you the freedom to be as creative as you want. The options are endless. “Dress as your favorite character” day, “Show Your Pets At Zoom Calls” day, “Yes Day”- the opportunities are limitless.

Allow for frequent rest breaks.

The new remote employees are under more stress than ever before. Work schedules have changed. It means that someone should be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Employees will get angry, worried, and uneasy as a result of such behaviors. To improve mental health and well-being among remote employees, it is critical to give frequent breaks.

Remote employees should be allowed to interact with their families and peers by taking a break.

It is critical to take frequent pauses to refresh and increase one’s self-esteem. That is, without a doubt, one of the top virtual employee engagement activities for employees who work from home.

Virtual Events and Parties

Companies that want to improve their remote employees’ productivity and engagement can involve them in virtual employee engagement activities.

It may be a virtual concert, stand-up act, or even a thought-provoking lecture. These WFH engagement activities might help remote employees relax and enjoy at the end of a long week.


We have discussed the best 5 ideas for virtual employee engagement activities. This will increase the engagement and relationship between you and your employees. Instead of the above-mentioned activities, there are a lot of online activities available. You can choose any of them according to the size and number of teams in your firm.

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