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Types of Blogs That Make Money

Blogging is an exciting activity that provides you with a creative platform. You can share all the unique ideas and perspectives you have through blogging. The best part is that blogging is a widespread realm where you can explore almost anything you desire.

In addition to that, blogging can let you bring value to your readers as you talk about significant issues and even help to turn your passion into a source of income.

Are you also planning to make money out of blogging but seem unsure about the process?  This blog post will highlight all the popular types of blogs that make money and help you learn how to monetize a blog in detail.

How Do Blogs Make Money Exactly?

Blogging sure counts as a form of labor. But, the great part is, you can make massive money with this labor in several ways.

A few popular ones among them include:


As you blog about a particular niche, Google AdSense might want to pay you for showing related ads through your blog posts. They’d pay you in the form of commission against the number of clicks you earn over each ad.

Affiliate Marketing 

A few affiliate programs can pay you against blogging to promote their specified products and services. Amazon Associates is a common example of such a program; they’ll pay you in the form of commission against the sales generated via your blog.

Lead Generation 

A very popular means of making money via blogging is to promote your products and services via your blog. Whether it is a tangible product, a digital product, or services that you offer, blogging about them can help boost lead generation and conversions.

The key, however, is quality content. No matter how much effort you put into monetizing your blog, it won’t bring in the money unless you create unique and valuable content for your audience.

Knowing how to monetize, you must be wondering about the most potential niches to start blogging in with the primary objective of making money. Well, your query has been resolved below in detail!

Popular Types of Blogs That Make Money

Let’s dive in to find out about the different niches!


Let’s face it, we all have a different fan base for the food blogs that share valuable content. Food is something we all enjoy and need, and so, the market is pretty massive here. There’s no doubt that most blogging sites are jam-packed with food bloggers. However, the new ones continue to pop up, and their following keeps increasing too!

A usual food blog either shares recipes of all popular meals in a town or reviews items from different restaurants, often paired with an image or video. Many of them also have social media accounts attached to their blogs. They do this to promote the blog and engage closely with the audience.

You can either promote your recipes in a food blog or review popular restaurants. They’ll surely pay you for positive reviews. Both ways, food blogging, is one incredible type of blog that makes money.


This is another great type of blog that makes money. So if you’ve great fashion sense and wish to make money out of that with minimal effort, fashion blogging is your thing.

You can start with anything you find interesting. Be it a back-to-school outfit haul, makeup tutorials, or a brand review kind of thing – whatever you do in the fashion industry that’s unique and adds value to your audience can help you make tons of money.

How would a fashion blog be monetized?

Well, you can take in sponsorships and even partner with several fashion brands. They’d delightedly pay you against the reviews you share as long as you’ve got a massive, legit following.


Though several blogs make money, succeeding at yours truly depends on your passion. For example, suppose you’ve got an interest in traveling, starting a travel blog would be perfect. Travel blogs are likely to drive traffic because people find it super relaxing to watch through gorgeous destinations and learn about them.

Even those who do not travel a lot are likely to be attracted to travel blogs because they offer an escape. With a travel blog, you can either entertain your audience by talking about your journeys in detail, or you may review different places, hotels, and so on.

How would your travel blog be monetized?

Well, that’s simple. You can charge against affiliate links of travel equipment, airline tickets, or maybe the best hotels at a particular destination. Native ads, sponsored posts, and banner ads are also popular means of generating income from travel blogs.


If you have an obsession with a particular sport or maybe two or more, sports blogging is your thing. Though the market is filled with uncountable sports blogs, a true sports fan can always come up with a unique angle to write about. You can do a lot at your sports blog, from covering live games to providing criticism over players’ performance and so on.

A great way is to promote sportswear on your blog. This would help you obtain sponsorships from popular sportswear brands and be a source of passive income for your travel blog.


Millennials are the only generation to encounter so much change and hustle. That’s one reason why they’re unsure about modern parenting styles and how to adapt to them.

If you’re already a parent or you understand child psychology by any means, starting a parenting blog could be your thing. You can share insightful parenting advice, talk about popular childcare products, and even provide emotional assistance to new parents that are struggling. 

Again, you can monetize your parenting blog by attaining sponsors from popular brands in the niche or might also partner with some of them for passive income.


This is an incredible type of blog that makes money. The gaming industry has become a lot wider, and most of it exists online. With a massive variety of games available online and the diversified categories they come in, there’s a great chance to start up with a unique gaming blog and make money out of it.

The key is to be interested in gaming, and you can surely produce amazingly valuable content for the audience. You can either write game reviews, talk about the cheat codes, or even walk the readers through gaming tactics and strategies in your blog – each of those will interest your audience as long as the quality is maintained.

Your gaming blog can be easily monetized via banner ads, sponsored posts, motion graphics and so on.

If you have a passion for writing and the niche you’ve picked is good, blogging can be your ideal profession. Though monetizing a blog is a slow process, the outcomes would be worth it if you’ve put in adequate efforts.

The only difficult part of blogging is the beginning.

However, once you’ve started and grasped the pace with unique, valuable content – there’s no going back.

It brings you massive traffic, love from the audience, and of course, many potential sellers from your niche offering partnerships and sponsorships. Good luck!

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