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Instagram stories, posts, well thought-out hashtags, creativity and mentions now represent a world in which one must necessarily enter, to keep up with the times. Once, it was enough to do a search on Google to think that, without a website, the company sought practically did not exist.

Today the same happens with social networks: people rely on Facebook, the internal search bar, to consult news, browse about a brand, get to know companies and professionals who are part of it. Instagram, in Italy, has literally made the boom: 19 million active users per month!

Since this is the incontrovertible fact, it is well understood how essential it is to use it in a professional, adequate, strategic way, aiming at increasing sales. Here, then, are the 5 tricks to increase sales with Instagram!


The first step is certainly the one without which even the following ones are emptied of content and could involve risky or completely out of place moves: identify your target.

But what is your target? Who do you turn to? Find out and build a strategy to grab his attention. From the “follow” onwards, you guarantee your interest with valuable content, proposing images with a high emotional rate, creative and unique.

How to spot it? The fundamental importance of the company profile on Instagram comes into play!

With this upgrade, you will be able to get a lot of detailed information about your followers, you can also analyze the coverage of your posts and insert a contact button in your profile.

The company profile is the first big help for your sales!

How to get the company profile?

Simple: Go to Settings> Accounts> Switch to a company profile. Then you have to choose the category for your profile / company and that’s it!

At this point, monitoring the statistical data will give you a well-defined overview, regarding, for example, the trend of your old and most recent posts or the cities where you are most followed.


Instagram is the platform where visual triumphs, beauty, the ability to bring out a detail using filters, but above all, the virtual place where you have to make sure to hit the audience with well-thought-out hashtags.

A post can also be particularly engaging and well structured, but without the right hashtags your target uses, it risks going unnoticed.

Don’t overdo it: the ideal number of hashtags is between 15 and 20, there are also special apps that catalog the main hashtag trends by sector, helping you in this titanic undertaking!

The bio, the profile photo and the grid are respectively your business card, your smile and your arguments, just like during a date.

It must emerge immediately and clearly who you are, what you offer, who you are targeting and what your style is.

3) Buy Instagram followers

Increase in Instagram followers is also a very good way to increase your sell on Instagram increase followers on your account means traffic on your account mean when followers on your account increase traffic on your account will increase and when traffic increase mean more people will able to see your product when your product reach more people then more chances are available that your sell will increase so how to increase in followers doesn’t mean that you try to increase your followers via different tricks like follow back and via posting thus will take a lot of time and here are minimum chances available that you will success so doesn’t try these type of stupid thing only go and buy Instagram followers via  this way you will got a lot of followers in  minimum time


Avoid being talkative, just like during the appointment we were talking about: wisely mix arguments, few but good, a good presentation of the same (beautiful photos) and a personal style (filters, compositions, frames, hashtags).

A post a day is ideal, especially if the fan base does not exceed ten thousand followers.

When to post? Again, the statistics give us a great helping hand in evaluating the time of the post.

Usually, working hours are the best, as all users open Instagram during a work break, at the bar or while doing their daily chores.


Experiment on yourself: when you open Instagram you immediately notice if you end up on a profile that wants to offer you a product at all costs. What reaction do you have?

Usually, I feel attacked, annoyed, as if the brand necessarily wanted to convince me to buy.

The trick in this case is to diversify, vary the posts!

The purely commercial post is welcome, in which the real protagonist is your product, the associated promo, the site or e-commerce where to buy it.

This strategy must be balanced by the presence of entertaining, emotional posts, which can be quotes, landscapes associated with evocative captions and above all Instagram stories.

This is the place where you can entertain your followers, showing the faces of those who use your product, testimonials, events, contests, surveys and music to entertain with a smile!

Instagram stories are also a co-branding tool, they allow you to tag influencers, well-known personalities, supporters, anyone who has to some extent contact with your reality.

Take advantage of this huge platform advantage and diversify!

How to Buy Instagram followers?

As we discuss above buy Instagram followers is a very good way to increase your followers but here is a question how to buy Instagram followers so answer is very simple only so to your favorite browser and type buy Instagram followers you will got a lot of sites which will help you to buy Instagram followers and increase them but it’s not a good way we recommended you to buy Instagram followers from reliable resources


An extra like is always a success; the infamous heart comes if your content points to the heart of the users.

What’s more, engagement reaches high levels when users choose to share your posts or stories.

This is why it is very important to use mentions and tags, both in posts and in Instagram stories.

Since a post is shared, it in turn is viewed by that user’s followers, who may decide to follow you also thanks to the trust placed in the follower who recommends your work.

If there is sharing, if people have their say in a survey, if you ask a question on Instagram and users respond, your contest strategy is working!

The ones I told you about today in this article are 5 tricks to increase sales on Instagram. Do you know others? Write them in the comments and let’s talk about it together!

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