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Top-Rated Places to Visit in Comoros

Comoros is usually not a typical destination for travelers. But, if you hold a bit and read or learn about this place, you will realize how lightly we all have been taking this place. And that, we have done an injustice by not keeping on our travel list ever. Comoros is basically a group of 4 islands in the Indian Oceans. If you give a little time, here are the Top-rated places to visit in Comoros telling you about their worth of this place. 

How to get around Comoros?

Usually, taking flights to Comoros is preferable. Taking roadways can be a poor idea. So, you can book Turkish Airlines flights. Also, with this airline, a Turkish airlines seat upgrade is also possible even after your flight confirmation. So, if you look up to a more comfortable journey, you can go for the upgrades also.

Is Comoros worth visiting?

If you are in search of something that is less crowded yet interesting, then Comoros is the place for you. It attracts around 12000 to 13000 visitors every year. And this is very less as compared to many of the other destinations such as Madagascar and Mauritius. But all these places are very much crowded. 

Sometimes the visitors are not able to soak into the trip vibes because of the over-gathering of people, and because of the lack of resources. So, it’s better to go to such a place where you have at least everything available to you. 

What is Comoros famous for?

Have you heard the name “Perfumed island”? This is the name that has been given to Comoros and this is because of the volcanic islands it has, moreover, it has a great variety of plant life. This is the reason Comoros has a beautiful scenic beauty. Therefore, you must not think that it will be a waste to spend your time and money on Comoros. 

Now let us find out what are the places that make Comoros this special for the visitors.

Best places to see in Comoros:

If you want to know what is the beautiful attraction to see and explore in Comoros, then you can have a look at the list given below:


If you are someone who loves to explore the natural world and ecosystem, Moheli is the perfect place for you. Also, you get a variety of wildlife habiting here. When you go to the beaches you can spot turtles including several varieties of birds. There is a village named Itsamia in Moheli. Here, people from all over the world come to see the turtle nesting site. 


This is the capital city of Comoros. This city has all the important buildings on its circumference. This includes all the government buildings, an old Friday mosque, and also the Badjanani mosque. It has some beautiful architectural buildings to see. Moroni has held all its traditional and vintage importance that reflects the past of the city to the visitors coming here


This place is called the island of French. The main attractive thing that draws so many people to Moroni is its white sand beaches. Also, it is a famous attraction known for its Scuba Diving. When you dive under the water, you will come across a beautiful and magical aquatic life. Life underwater is just very mesmerizing, you will not feel like coming out of it. So, if you want to have this lifetime experience, you can visit this place anytime soon. 

These three are the main cities that you must not miss when you are in Comoros. 

When should I go to Comoros?

However, there is no time that can be called the best or perfect to visit Comoros in particular. This is why because the tropical climate of this place welcomes wholeheartedly all through the year. But, still, if you will aks the visitors they will say that you should plan your trip to Comoros from April to November. This is the time when the weather is dry and fresh. So if you like such days, you can make bookings accordingly. 

How exepensive is comoros?

  1. The place has very cost-effective when it comes to living and tourism as well. In fact, when you compare Comoros with all the other destinations, you will get to know that this is nothing. En özel ve reel kızlar Halkalı Escort Bayan Peri ile Seks | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizleri bu platformda bekliyor. So, if you are someone who is looking to take your family on a budget-friendly trip, you must think about Comoros this time.

What should I buy in Comoros?

Oh, you get a lot of things to shop and buy for your family and friends as a memory from Comoros. You get embroidered skull caps for the male friends who go for namaz. On the other hand, youtube has a variety of woven cotton clothes, pearl, and gold jewelry for your women. Hen kit comes to your home decor, you again have a variety of it. Especially, you will see different kinds of basketry, pottery, and carved chests.

Is alcohol banned in Comoros?

No. However, if you are under 18, it is considered illegal in Comoros. Otherwise, you can get yourself alcoholic drinks in Comoros. 

There are many worth visiting cities. Also, there are some other neighboring countries that you must see if you have more time to spend your holidays. You can prefer Turkish Airlines Multi-City booking if this is the case. Why waste more money by making bookings individually? You can make the flight bookings at once saving your money and time as well. 

Therefore this, was all about Comoros that first-time visitors must know about. We have discussed almost all of it. By now, you must have understood what is the best to reach Comoros, when you should plan your trip, and also some other important details about the place. Moreover, as a visitor, you must know what are the main highlights of the place that you should explore. Going there and then making your list there can be a bad idea because it is going to consume your valuable time. You should rather plan everything in advance. This will not only save your time. Rather, it is less stressful also. 

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