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Top offers Mattresses that you can grab during this festival

Here are some of the top-selling mattresses from which you can choose. 

  • Springfit Pro Activ Jump Mattress

Price: 10,372 INR

This is the best springfit mattress and it is composed of top-quality Bonnell springs made up of advanced carbon and manganese alloy, which increases its durability. The Dura Dense 3D foam layer amalgamated with Aerosleep technology aids insufficient airflow to get a sweat-free sleep. It even has antibacterial and antifungal properties infused in it.

  • Springfit Pro Activ Flow Ortho Memory Mattress

Price: 15,882 INR

This springfit mattress is India’s most recommended orthopaedic mattress, with Verti-cool fabric providing a cooler sleep besides having fire-resistant features. It not only protects your spine but also comes with the zero motion transfer property.

  • Springfit tri-fold Soft Foam Mattress

Price:  3,799 INR

Sometimes sleeping on the terrace and watching the night sky has no substitute, but your whole experience can prove to be bad when your mattress is not up to the mark. To enhance your experiences, we bring this foldable springfit that is as easy to carry as it is to sleep on. It also comes in handy when you have an unexpected sleepover of guests as it needs minimal storage space and can be neatly stored away in seconds.

  • Springfit Club Class Grande Mattress

Price: 70,659 INR

It is a hydrophobic and soft fabric mattress that is an alternative to wool for those allergic to wool. The Aero sleep foam approved by NASA is used, which distributes the body weight evenly and improves the blood flow. This lightweight springfit mattress is made of Max Latex foam which keeps you warm during winters and cools during summers. Furthermore, the high resilient foam lets the airflow easefully, and the alloy of carbon and manganese strengthens and increases its durability.

  • Peps Caspia

Price: 8,963 INR

This woven fabric peps mattress is made up of Bonnell springs which retain the shape of the fabric without making it saggy. It is a luxurious mattress that fits in the budget. Get this comfortable peps mattress and experience a perfect nap.

  • Peps Allura Mattresses

Price: 21,896 INR

The peps mattress comes with free pillows and is designed so that it gives the same level of comfort for years as it gives when new. This odour free, soft textured and knitted fabric foam helps you get such asleep that you get up fresh every morning.

  • Peps Springkoil Mattresses

Price: 14,854 INR

The rejuvenating PU foam provides the right amount of support to the pressure points and fits in with the body contours perfectly. Both the sides of this peps mattress provide equal comfort, and the mattress is perfect for a bedroom, kid’s room or guest room.

  • Peps Springkoil Bonnell Mattresses

Price: 24,011 INR

The woven fabric foam constitutes a Bonnell spring which protects the mattress from de-shaping. The PU foam provides comfort and fits the contours of the body perfectly. You can use both sides of this mattress, which will also increase its durability.

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